March 31, 2022 @ 4:29 PM

Follow this article carefully and you’ll be led to a startling discovery. The Democratic Party is obviously willing to sacrifice our country on the altar to their Green New Deal. Democrats are hellbent on transitioning our country from fossil fuels to green energy, no matter what the cost and consequences are to our national security. Their means of bringing us to our knees before the altar of their Green New Deal is to raise the cost of fossil fuels to prohibitively high prices. This explains why Joe Biden’s first act in office was to cutoff the Keystone Pipeline, as well as to turn off the spigot of our own energy production. Practically overnight, Joe Biden moved us from being energy independent to being almost totally dependent upon other nations for our energy. 


One of the nations that we are highly dependent upon for our energy is Saudi Arabia, which the Democratic Party appears determined to intentionally alienate. For instance, the Saudis sworn enemies are the Iranians, who Joe Biden is, seemingly insanely, renegotiating a nuclear deal with, which will not only put the mad mullahs of Iran on a fast track to  a nuclear weapon, but will also fill Iran’s coffers, thanks to lifted sanctions, with millions of dollars to fund their worldwide terrorist activities. Adding to this insanity is the additional absurdity that our representative at the negotiating table with the adversarial Iranians is our longtime adversary Russia. 


While the Biden Administration is coupling Iran with Russia at the negotiating table of the JCPOA nuclear deal, which is mutually advantageous for these two sworn adversaries of ours, it is also pushing Saudi Arabia into the arms of another of our formidable foes. For decades, we and the Saudis have had an understanding under which they’ve provided us with affordable oil and we’ve provided them with military weaponry for their protection. However, the Saudis are now refusing to take Joe Biden’s phone calls, while at the same time meeting with the communist Chinese and forming a new alliance with them. 


Unlike America, which Democrats are determined to wean off fossil fuels in short order, there is absolutely no chance that Red China will ever go green. Therefore, China is seen by the oil selling sheiks of Saudi Arabia as a potential longterm customer. At the same time the Saudis and Chinese are hooking up for their mutual benefit, guess who we’re buying the bulk of Democrats’ New Green Deal renewable energy technology from. If you guessed China, the world’s greatest polluter, you guessed right.


It’s easy to conclude from all of this that America’s Democratic Party has lost its pea-picking mind. However, there is definitely a method to Democrats’ madness. Although they are incontrovertibly crazy, they are crazy like a fox. They are doing everything they can, regardless of cost and consequence to our country or its citizenry, to make the price of fossil fuels so prohibitively high that we will be coerced by them to bow before the altar of their Green New Deal. Unfortunately, Democrats seem to be totally oblivious to the very real possibility that long before we can all get there, there may be no more America at all.