April 14, 2022 @ 7:00 AM

Did you know that a majority of states in America once had laws allowing the involuntary sterilization of mentally impaired individuals? Beginning in 1907, 65 thousand “imbecilic” Americans—men, women, and children—were involuntarily sterilized by eugenics inspired laws. Furthermore, this practice became Supreme Court precedent when the highest court in our land validated it in its 1927 Buck vs. Bell Case.


The Supreme Court’s Buck vs. Bell Decision was founded on its prior Jacobson vs. Massachusetts Decision, which arguably affirmed the constitutional authority of the states, not the federal government, to mandate vaccines. According to the Supreme Court, the state of Massachusetts could fine a Cambridge pastor, Henning Jacobson, $5.00 for refusing to take the state’s mandated smallpox vaccine. Although this justification of a $5.00 fine by the “Supremes” is touted today as legal precedence, which proves the legality of mandated COVID-19 vaccines, a closer look at the Court’s actual ruling reveals that it does no such thing.


To begin with, the ruling finds that government mandates during medical emergencies can only be imposed by state governments, not by the federal government, and certainly not by federal agencies, like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSCA), which the Biden Administration attempted to use in the “ultimate work-around” to illegally mandate mass vaccinations all across America. In addition, this Supreme Court ruling came with additional stipulations, all of which are violated by current COVID-19 vaccine mandates. For instance, consider the following: 


1. The government imposed mandate must be a proven remedy to the medical emergency, which we now know is certainly not the case when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines.


2. The imposed restrictions on citizens’ constitutional rights must be proven to be the least and most limited necessary to address the crisis, not, as COVID-19 restrictions have proven to be, limitless and draconian.


3. The imposed mandates and restrictions must have an equal effect upon all citizens, not adversely effecting any more than others. Obviously, the COVID-19 vaccine mandates are in clear violation of this stipulation, since they violate some citizens’ religious convictions and the vaccines themselves carry higher risks for some citizens than they do for others.


Despite the fact that COVID-19 vaccine mandates are in clear violation of the Supreme Court’s 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts Decision, many still see this Decision as permitting them rather than prohibiting them. When it came to Oliver Wendell Holmes, who wrote the majority opinion in the Supreme Court’s 1927 Buck vs. Bell Decision, he saw the 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts Decision as legal justification for the forced sterilization of a “feeble minded” young woman, Carrie Bell, by the state of Virginia. According to Holmes, “The principle that allows for forced vaccination is broad enough to allow cutting the Fallopian tubes.” This supposed genius of American jurisprudence then added the following infamous line: “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” 


Inspired by America’s eugenics inspired laws and our subsequent mandatory sterilizations of the feeble minded, German medical scientists, who were considered at the time to be the best in the world, took it a step further. Not only did they justify the sterilization of the mentally handicapped, but the euthanizing of them as well. Unbeknownst to many in our world today, the first victims of Germany’s gas chambers were not minority ethnic groups, like the Jews, but the mentally impaired. 


This unconscionable crime was justified by so-called medical science and supposed civilized medical scientists under the German doctrine of “Volksgemeinschaft,” which translated at the time into doing whatever was best for the “Volk”; that is, the German people as a whole. This diabolical doctrine was soon expanded to include minority ethnic groups, like the Jews, who were diagnosed as “a cancer” threatening the extinction of the superior Aryan Race—the German people. Jews and others, like the mentally impaired, were therefore marked for immediate eradication, in order to protect the purity and superiority of the Volk. Indeed, the protection of the Volk became the sole standard of virtue in Nazi Germany, justifying any means or measure, even something as horrifying as the Holocaust, as virtuous rather than villainous. 


Before we move on to the next salient and even scarier point, permit me to point out that the Nazis committed their unconscionable crimes against humanity under the guise of “public health.” They advocated a policy know as “lebensunwertes Leben,” which translates into “life not worthy of life.” To them, some people were not worthy to live, because their individual lives were a detriment to the good of society or to the life of the German people as a whole. Throughout history, tyrannical regimes have practiced unconscionable crimes against humanity under the guise of public health or public safety. For instance, the French Revolution’s reign of terror, during which innumerable victims were guillotined, was ushered in and carried out by “The Committee on Public Safety.” We should therefore take heed from past history that whatever our government presently deems as necessary for public safety could someday be expanded to necessitate our individual extermination, if our government should ever come to deem us as a danger to the collective good of the whole.


After World War II, the Nuremberg Trails were convened. These trials prosecuted Nazi scientists who not only sterilized and euthanized those characterized by Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich as “life not worthy of life,” but also carried out numerous medical experiments on them. From the Nuremberg Trials came the Nuremberg Code, which outlawed mandatory medical experiments upon unconsenting subjects. It is from the Nuremberg Code that the right to informed consent was derived. The right to informed consent prohibits any medical experiment from being performed on any patient, until that patient has been fully informed about it and voluntarily consented to it. 


America adopted the Nuremberg Code long ago. We also adopted the Belmont Report, which also calls for informed consent, by requiring, as a prerequisite to requesting a patient’s consent to participate in any medical experiment, a full assessment of the experiment’s risks and benefits to the patient. In addition to our adoption of the Nuremberg Code and the Belmont Report, the rules of our own FDA, as well as our own federal common law, outlaw mandatory medical experiments on unconsenting individuals. Consequently, it is clearly, not to mention incontrovertibly, criminal for our government to coerce its citizenry into participation in a medical experiment!


COVID-19 vaccines—the Moderna vaccine, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and Pfizer's BioNTech vaccine, which is the one being administered to the masses—are all emergency use authorized by the FDA. They are not FDA approved, but emergency use authorized, which by the FDA’s own definition means they are “experimental medical treatments.” Therefore, COVID-19 vaccine mandates are not only clearly illegal, but also a gross violation of every American’s right to informed consent. Yet, they’ve been rolled out with impunity, from federal, state, and local governments, as well as from healthcare institutions, sports franchises, airlines, universities, major corporations, and even small businesses. Despite their conspicuous and flagrant illegality, scarcely a single peep of protest has been uttered anywhere across the fruited plain against these felonious vaccine mandates. 


Not even the United States Supreme Court, during oral arguments on the legality of the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates, uttered a single word about the mandates’ manifest criminal contravention of the Nuremberg Code, the Belmont Report, the FDA’s own rules, or our own federal common law. Unbelievably, not a single Supreme Court justice—the supposed greatest legal minds in our country—uttered a single word about the right to informed consent or the incontrovertible criminality of our government coercing its citizenry into receiving experimental vaccines. It’s as though our law has suddenly been abrogated, our right to informed consent invalidated, and the Highest Court in our land blinded to the most basic of our civil liberties.


Permit me to conclude this important article with another example of how COVID-19 vaccine mandates are in clear violation of the law. According to 45 CFR 46, of the Code of Federal Regulations, it is against the law to coerce people into enrolling in clinical medical trials. Since COVID-19 vaccines are experimental, all of them, including the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine, which has been suspiciously approved by the FDA, but is not readily available to the public, are reliant upon data gathered from their recipients to determine their long-term side effects. Therefore, it is actually the vaccinated who are being used as the guinea pigs in the clinical trials of these vaccines. For the first time in American history, human beings are serving as clinical lab rats to determine the longterm efficacy and safety of a vaccine. 


In light of the above, employers who are coercing their employees into being vaccinated are, in all actuality, coercing them into enrolling in a clinical medical trial. Therefore, in yesterday’s America, these employees would have had recourse to threaten their employers with a lawsuit for this gross violation of their civil liberties and right to informed consent. In today’s America, however, it appears employees have no recourse at all, but to submit to their employer’s criminal coercion or be terminated for refusing to do so. Again, it is as though the law means nothing at all and provides no protection to any American against any unlawful ultimatum of an anarchic autocrat. One cannot help but wonder if the path being paved through this pandemic will not eventually lead us to being tyrannized by a tyrannical state, under the leadership of a lawless one who will end individual liberties for the sake of public safety and eradicate anyone he deems to be a danger to the Volk!