June 13, 2024 @ 8:00 AM

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has apprehended eight ISIS terrorists from Tajikistan, who were plotting terrorist attacks in Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia. Remember, it was four ISIS terrorists from Tajikistan that carried out the recent terrorist attack in Moscow, which killed over 140 Russians and wounded hundreds more. All eight Tajikistan ISIS terrorist plotters apprehended by ICE came into our country illegally across our open southern border, where they were processed, supposedly vetted, and then released into our country by the Biden Administration, which has done the same for eight million illegal immigrants since Joe Biden shuffled into the Oval Office. On top of this, and even more disconcerting, there have been two million gotaways who have crossed our southern border, since Joe Biden wobbled into the White House. This means that there are two million illegal immigrants in our country today whose identity, whereabouts, actions, and intentions are completely unknown to us. How many of them are terrorists, plotting at this very moment some terrorist attack that they plan to promptly execute, possibly in your town or at your children's school?


The above is sheer lunacy. It is national suicide. It not only jeopardizes our national security, but also our national sovereignty, by erasing and eradicating our borders. As though this insanity is not insane enough, consider this additional craziness. The eight Tajikistan ISIS terrorists apprehended by ICE are not going to be indicted, prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned, but merely deported. In other words, the Biden Administration is going to allow them to return to Tajikistan, report back to their fellow terrorists what they've learned about our vulnerabilities, share with their fellow terrorists their plans on how to best exploit our vulnerabilities, and then return to our southern border to reentered our country, as thousands of deported illegal immigrants repeatedly do. 


Every American, regardless of their political persuasion, needs to asks themselves what is behind our government's completely crazy open border policy. What possible explanation could there be for such a preposterous imperiling of our national security and sovereignty? Though you might not like the answer, there is only one possible explanation. It is found in two things. First, in the Democratic Party’s lust for perpetual power over our country and its citizenry. Second, in Democrats’ long dreamed of worldwide socialist utopia, which they believe will be brought to pass on a borderless planet governed by a benevolent one world power. 


By opening the floodgates to millions of illegal immigrants, Democrats hope to flood our country with government dependents, who will ultimately prove to be Democratic voters, because of their living off the government dole. As a result, all red states will be turned blue and Democrats will be assured of perpetual power over our lives, as well as the lives of our children and our children’s children. In the mean time, by increasing census numbers with millions of illegal immigrants, Democrats will not only create more blue congressional districts, but also add Democrat electors to our Electoral College. Of course, this will pack the Electoral College for Democrats’ presidential candidates and pad Democrats’ congressional majorities.


Ultimately, what Democrats are really hoping to achieve through the absurdity of their open border policy is the abolition of America. Their real diabolical design is to turn us into a borderless multicultural hodgepodge, so that we can be internationally intermingled into a New World Order, which will be autocratically governed by a globalist one world power. Whereas Democrats really believe that the fulfillment of their long envisioned utopian pipe dream will create a paradisiacal planet and heaven on earth, the Bible predicts that it will actually create the greatest hell on earth this fallen planet has ever known. We’re now standing on the precipice of the perilous times of the last days, the threshold of end-time tribulation, and the beginning of the Biblically predicted and unprecedented persecution of God’s people, all of which is proven by deranged Democrats’ preposterous open border policy.