June 6, 2024 @ 8:00 AM

In the greatest insult to Americans' intelligence in all of American history, Joe Biden claimed Tuesday to be fixing with one insincere executive order what he intentionally created with more than sixty carefully calculated executive orders. Make no mistake about it, our border crisis and its accompanying invasion of our country by millions of illegal immigrants is no accident. Instead, it is a carefully orchestrated plan by our Democrat controlled government, in corroboration with its globalist co-conspirators, like the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. The scheme is not just to flood our nation with foreigners who will become government dependents and Democratic voters, assuring the Democratic Party of perpetual power over our country and its citizenry, but also to eventually destroy our national sovereignty by erasing our borders, in order to pave the way for the globalists' long dreamed of New World Order, which they believe will create a paradisiacal planet, as well as heaven on earth.  The Bible, on the other hand, predicts hell on earth for our end-time world under the iron fist of this impending and beastly one world government.


Serious students of history know that nations do themselves in by committing national suicide. Their populaces are so dumbed down by government propaganda that they end up voting, not only for their own subjugation, but also for their own ruination. Take our population for example, we've not only elected a cognitively impaired man to be our puppet president, but are allowing his behind the scenes puppet masters to literally erase our borders, overrun our country with illegal immigrants, endanger our national security, and destroy our national sovereignty. In fact, the Biden Administration is so convinced of our idiocy that it rolled out Tuesday's ridiculous ruse of an executive order without any doubt that the majority of Americans are dumb enough to fall for it.


Biden's executive order vows to shutdown our border after twenty-five hundred illegal immigrants have entered our country unlawfully each day. If you add this up, it still allows almost a million illegal immigrants to flood into America annually. Furthermore, it preposterously proposes that our immigration laws not be enforced by our own government until they have been broken twenty-five hundred times in a single day. What do you suppose would happen in America if Biden signed similar ludicrous executive orders concerning the enforcement of all the other laws in our land? For instance, how many banks would be robbed if Biden signed an executive order allowing twenty-five hundred bank robberies a day?


All you have to do to see the absurdity of Biden's executive order is ask yourself a couple of questions. First, how is our government going to daily count and track illegal immigrants entering our country unlawfully? Second, how is our government going to stop illegal immigrants from entering our country unlawfully once the daily quota of twenty-five hundred has been reached? Obviously, there is no way for our government to do either, which proves Biden's executive order is nothing more than a ridiculous ruse. If you're still not convinced that it is, then, consider this, it contains a provision that permits our President, Joe Biden, or our Homeland Security Director, Alejandro Mayorkas, to nullify it anytime they take a notion to over anything they deem justifies its nullification.


Don't kid yourself, Democrats are no less hellbent than ever on their destroying of our nation, so that they can raise from its ruins their long dreamed of worldwide socialist utopia. However, Biden's plummeting poll numbers over our illegal immigration crisis has forced them to pretend to care about solving the problem they themselves have intentionally created. Therefore, Ole Joe has come out and done what he previously insisted he couldn't do; namely, issue and executive order to fix the problem he previously created with executive orders. Of course, both our president and his political party are counting on you to be fool enough to fall for it all.