February 3, 2024 @ 9:30 AM

Thomas Jefferson once warned that if "judges" ever came to view themselves "as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions"—as the bulk of those on the bench today undoubtedly do—then, the judiciary would become "a despotic branch of government" and judges would become "despots" turning the Constitution into "a mere thing of wax, which they [could] twist and shape into any form they please." Jefferson went on to warn that this "dangerous doctrine" of judicial despotism must be soundly renounced, lest the judiciary "slyly and without alarm" accomplish "what open force would not dare attempt"—the undermining of our Constitution and the overthrow of our government. Unfortunately, Jefferson's warning has gone unheeded and his prediction has come to pass. 


No one can deny that our Constitution, as well as the laws of our land, are nothing more than Silly Putty in the hands of today's judiciary. Judges, all across this nation, are molding and manipulating our Constitution, as well as the laws of our land, into judicial fiats, in order to pass off their personal opinions as both dictatorial and definitive diktats. That this is the case is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by how judges of different political persuasions are antithetical in their interpretations of our Constitution. Our Constitution, as well as the laws of our land, are nothing more than Play-Doh, to be personally and subjectively interpreted by partisan judges individually rather than legally and objectively interpreted by nonpartisan judges uniformly. 


A perfect example of the above is Thursday's ruling by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which prohibits the state of Florida from enforcing a duly passed law, which bans Chinese citizens from purchasing land in the Sunshine State. As all informed Americans now know, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is on a property purchasing spending spree in our country to gain malign influence over our nation. In an effort to prevent the Chinese from gaining any foothold in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature passed a law that outlaws the sell of land in Florida to the communist Chinese. However, the judicial despots on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, in response to a suit filed against the state of Florida by Chinese citizens, have stopped Florida from enforcing its duly passed laws on the farcical grounds that it violates the constitutional rights of communist Chinese citizens. One can't help but wonder when Chinese citizens and Chinese communists were granted constitutional rights in America.


That our courts are out of control, that our judges have become a law unto themselves, that our Constitution has been turned into "a mere thing of wax," as Jefferson warned, and that our laws are now pliable enough to be subjectively twisted into enforcing pettifoggers' personal opinions, is both undeniable and indisputable. For instance, take our Supreme's Courts recent stay on Texas' takeover of its border. Since our federal government is not only refusing to perform its constitutional duty to secure our southern border, but actually aiding and abetting millions of illegal immigrants to invade our country, the state of Texas decided to take matters into its own hands. In an attempt to stop the onslaught of illegals aliens from continuing to storm into Texas, Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency, called up the Texas National Guard, and started putting up razor wire along the border. However, the highest court in our land ruled that Texas must allow our federal government to cut the razor wire, in order for the Biden Administration to continue to thumb its nose at its constitutional duties and to give a helping hand to millions of illegal immigrants invading our country. Now, in what parallel universe could this unconstitutional, as well as unconscionable, ruling possibly be passed off by the highest court in our land as the law of our land? 


Although it is easy to see, no matter what direction you are looking in, that our country is not just in dire and desperate straits, but down for the count, there is few places, if any, where this is more clearly seen than in our courts, which have become a laughingstock and the underminer of law and order in our land. As an umpire once argued, that a pitch was neither a ball nor a strike until he called it, today's judicial depots argue that what is constitutional and unconstitutional, as well as legal and illegal, is neither determined by the Constitution itself nor the letter of the law, but only by how they call it. If you ask me, it's high time everybody in this country called this judicial screwball a foul ball!