February 5, 2024 @ 11:00 AM

The wait is over, the Senate's secretly negotiated clandestine Border Security Bill has finally been made public. Released in the form of over 300 pages of incomprehensible and ambiguous legalese, its scheming scribblers and co-conspirators hope to pull the wool over the eyes of our credulous citizenry with their ponderous and perplexing proposed legislation. By slyly attaching to this bill on border security both foreign aid to Ukraine, in its war with Russia, and foreign aid to Israel, in its war with Hamas, the crafty architects of the bill can accuse anyone opposing it not only of aiding and abetting Vladimir Putin and the mad mullahs of Iran, but also of endangering the peace of our world.


There is a trio of questions every thinking American should be asking themselves. First, why do Democrats insist that border security be tied to foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel with a legislative umbilical cord? The truth is; all of these important issues could be, as they very well should be, brought up, debated, and voted on separately. However, Democrats are hellbent on holding border security hostage to aid to Ukraine, as well as holding aid to Israel hostage to both Ukrainian aid and border security. Why? Second, why were Democrats unanimously opposed to H.R.2, the border security bill passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives that would have secured our southern border and shut down the invasion of our country by illegal immigrants? Third, and finally, why are Democrats, along with our open border backing president, not only supportive of, but absolutely giddy about the Senate's secretly negotiated and just released "bipartisan" border security bill?


If you take a scalpel to this congressional cadaver that the United States Senate has just rolled out into the Capital rotunda, you'll quickly understand why Mike Johnson, the Republican Speaker of the House, said it would be dead on arrival when rolled down the hall into the House of Representatives. For instance, let's look at a couple of the lethal malignancies needing to be extracted from it. First, it calls for the shutdown of our border after 5,000 illegal immigrants have crossed it in a single day. Now, James Lankford, the lone Republican negotiator to emerge from the smoke-filled backroom of the Senate, where this clandestine contract was hammered out on the anvil of open border advocating Democrats, is arguing that this is better than continuing to allow 11,000 illegal immigrants to daily cross our border. The absurdity of Lankford's asinine argument is easily illustrated, however, by applying it to any other illegality in our land. For instance, let's say we were allowing 1,100 bank robberies a day in America, would you be happy with a Senate bill that proposes we only start enforcing our laws and arresting bank robbers after the five thousandth bank is robbed each day? Of course you wouldn't; to agree to such a preposterous proposal would result in open season on our banks and the obliteration of our banking system.


In addition to the above absurdity, a second lethal malignancy needing to be extracted from this congressional cadaver is the sole authority it gives to the president to override any shutdown of our border for any reason he imagines to be more important. Our current border security laws are being completely disregarded and criminally disobeyed by our current President, Joe Biden, and by his Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas. Therefore, what guarantee do we have that any new laws will be upheld and enforced by these two tramplers and trespassers of today's laws, especially when the new laws give to this diabolical duo the dictatorial power to defy them by declaring them null and void whenever they deem appropriate? 


There is definitely one thing the Senate's secretly negotiated border security bill, which has bipartisan support between RINOs and Democrats, positively proves; namely, that our country is now bordering on insanity!