January 5, 2024 @ 9:00 AM

Ohio’s Republican Governor Mike DeWine recently vetoed legislation that would have banned “gender-affirming care” for children in the Buckeye State. It turns out that DeWine is beholden to medical organizations that have not only funded his gubernatorial campaigns, but also make considerable fortunes on puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and even transgender surgeries performed on children. Of course, DeWine is not the first Republican Governor of Ohio to exemplify the GOP, the political party of Benedict Arnolds and Joe Isuzus, which has for decades betrayed and backstabbed conservative voters, as well as pathologically lied to them, always promising to govern as staunch conservatives only to do so as milquetoast moderates or even loony liberals once elected. Take for example DeWine’s predecessor, “Cupcake” John Kasich, who, during his failed 2016 presidential run, proposed that the simple solution to militant homosexuals targeting Christian businesses, in hopes of bankrupting them by bringing civil suits against them, was for Christian business owners to start compromising their Christian convictions, denying their Christian faith, and accommodating militant homosexuals by bowing to their demands. For instance, Kasich proposed that a Christian baker bow to a militant same-sex couples’ demand that he bake them a wedding cake by simply baking them some “cupcakes.” With “Cupcake” Republicans like Kasich and DeWine not only insisting that the militant LGBTQ+ community is entitled to have their cake and eat it too, but that conservatives and Christians ought to be baking their cakes for them, is there any wonder that we’re having the “Alphabet Mafia’s” radical agenda forced down our throats all over America today?


Do you know who is the most unpopular politician in America? If you guess Joe Biden, you’d be wrong. It’s Mitch McConnell, the longest serving Republican senatorial leader in American history. Although Biden is about as popular with the majority of Americans as a root canal, the United States Congress, consisting of the lower chamber, the House of Representatives, and the upper chamber, the Senate, is even more unpopular than our pooh-poohed president. Still, Washington DC’s most unpopular Swamp creature of them all is none other than Mitch McConnell, who comes in at a rockbottom 6% approval rating. Now, ask yourself why a political party, supposedly dedicated to representing its constituents, continues to have at its helm, not only a politician disdained by its own constituents, but also the most disdained politician in the whole country? The honest answer to this question will make it painfully obvious that the Republican Party couldn’t care less about the likes and dislikes of all of its Kool-Aid drinkers. All it cares about is that you keep downing its Kool-Aid and being deceived into believing that your best interests are being served by the likes of double-dealing DeWine, “Cupcake” Kasich and “Cocaine” Mitch.


Convinced of its ability to once again pull the wool over its gullible voters’ eyes, the GOP trotted out a couple of its most sterling and subtle RINOs for this year’s presidential primaries. First, there was Mike Pence, who flew his true colors back in 2015, when as Governor of Indianan, he backed down in his defense of religious freedom under corporate pressure, which was precipitated by protesting gay rights activists. Pence reneged on Indiana’s version of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which would have protected Indianians from being sued over their religious convictions by militant homosexuals. This, make no mistake about it, was truly a watershed moment in America. It not only marked the first time corporate America got in bed with militant homosexuals, over threatened boycotts of businesses by gay rights activists, but also revealed that Republican politicians, like Mike Pence, in Red States, like Indiana, could not be counted on to defend America’s bedrock libertyreligious freedom. Instead, under Pence’s watch, the historic, biblical, and orthodox Christian Faith was denounced as intolerance and bigotry, Indiana Christians were routed by militant gays, corporate America, and compromising Republican cowards, and America suddenly found itself in a post-Christian era.


Pence’s middle-of-the-roadism, along with his portrayal of himself as saving our democracy, by unquestionably standing for the certification of the 2020 presidential election, despite all of its questionable abnormalities and irregularities, earned him, not only the mockery of millions of MAGA Americans, but also a quick an early exit from the presidential primary. However, Republican chicanery in this year’s presidential primary is still alive and well, thanks to Pence’s RINO counterpart, Nikki Haley. The coffers of Haley’s candidacy for president are being filled with funds from the same people who are funding lawsuits against Donald Trump, as well as from the deep pockets of Never-Trump Republicans and Democratic mega-donors, who are attempting to subvert the Republican presidential primaries. The hatched plot, which is becoming plan to see, is to reduce the Republican primary to two candidates, Nikki Haley and Donald Trump, so that Trump can be eliminated through Democrats’ political lawfare and Haley alone will be left standing to run against Joe Biden. In the minds of both Democrats and RINOs this is a win-win proposition, since the bureaucratic state has nothing to fear from this pair of political sock puppets, both of whom are firmly in the hands of and under the complete control of their puppet masters. 


I’ve been crying out for years, to little avail, that Democrats are godless, Republicans are gutless, and neither one is of any use to our representative republic, which is actually being destroyed by them both. The proof of this pudding is seen in the hatred of Donald Trump by both Republicans and Democrats. Trump is a threat to the deep state, which is not only riding roughshod, but has now done so for decades, over our representative republic. Trump, unlike Mike DeWine, John Kasich, Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, and Joe Biden, refuses to protect, propitiate, and perpetuate the bureaucratic state and the military industrial complex, by being its passive puppet. Instead, he radically proposes to serve the American people rather than America’s power-hungry politicians, who are dead determined to do in Donald Trump, even if they have to do in our representative republic in the process!