July 12, 2023 @ 6:30 AM

The Department of Justice has filed official charges against Gal Luft. It did so three days after he put out a video alleging that Joe Biden is a compromised president, because of the Biden family's illicit dealings with Red China. Dr. Luft, who is now in hiding, is the former executive director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, as well as a former adviser to the China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC), which turned out to be a front for a Chinese government-connected energy company, with which the Bidens had business dealings. In March of 2019, Luft initiated a two-day meeting with DOJ and FBI officials at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, where he voluntarily provided them with evidence of the Biden Family's misdeeds with Maoists.


Early this year, Luft agreed to provide his evidence of the Bidens' illegal pocketing of Chinese yuan to House Republicans, but before he could blow his whistle, he was arrested in Cyprus and charged with selling Chinese weapons to African nations, though he insists he has "never even traded a bullet in [his] entire life." Since his arrest in Cyprus, Luft has been living as a fugitive, unable to show his face in public, much less share his evidence of Biden Family corruption with anyone.


Now that he has been officially charged by our DOJ, three days after publishing a video from hiding that alleges our president is in the hip pocket of Xi Jinping, our government can shutdown any questions about the credibility of Luft's accusations, the compromising of our president, the corruption of the Bidens, and any cover-up of it all by our DOJ and FBI, by simply claiming that all answers to such questions is privileged information, since it is part of an ongoing criminal investigation into the notorious Gal Luft.


As much of a stench as all of this raises of something really rotten in Denmark, it is also puts our two-tiered justice system in plain sight. For instance, Dr. Luft has been indicted by the Biden Justice Department under FARAthe Foreign Agents Registration Act. According to the indictment, Dr. Luft, who was paid over $7000,000 as an adviser to a Chinese energy company, failed to register as a foreign agent. However, this same Chinese energy company had another American citizen serving as an adviser at the same time as Dr. Luft, only this other adviser was not paid $700,000, but millions of dollars. Like Dr. Luft, this other adviser was also not registered with our government as a foreign agent. Yet, he, unlike Gal Luft, has not been indicted by the Biden Justice Department under FARA. Who is this other American citizen who failed to register as a foreign agent while pocketing millions of Chinese yuan as an adviser to the same Chinese energy company as Dr. Luft? He is none other than Hunter Biden, the beloved son of our current president.