July 25, 2023 @ 8:45 AM

Dr. Samuel Johnson once said, "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." Many times scandalous politicians conceal their malicious ulterior motives under the false flag of patriotism. Today, we're seeing something even more sinister than what Johnson saw; namely, democracy being used as the last refuge for tyranny. Permit me to elaborate with a couple of current headlines.


First, Israel's Knesset just passed legislation that will prevent its judiciary from overruling the will of the people and their elected representatives every time a judge finds the will of the people and the work of their legislators unreasonable. Unbelievably, this legislation is being protested all over Israel and the world as a threat to democracy, despite the fact that it is the opposite, an attempt to protect democracy from a judicial oligarchy comprised of judicial despots.


Second, liberal professors, such as Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet, are calling upon our president to ignore and invalidate by executive fiat any Supreme Court decision with which he personally disagrees. In other words, they are literally calling upon Joe Biden to make himself a law unto himself. Unbelievably, this clear call for the institution of tyranny is being touted as the preservation of democracy. 


If you and I find ourselves in a world and country today where judicial oligarchy and presidential autocracy are mistaken for democracy, then, there is no hope for the preservation of our representative republic nor of any government by the people anywhere any longer on this planet. If this world’s inhabitants have become so idiotic as to believe that their wants and wishes are no longer to be won at the ballot box, but imposed upon everyone by judicial diktat and presidential fiat, then, our world has idiotically exchanged democracy for tyranny!