February 20, 2023 @ 6:00 AM

The Communist Chinese spy balloon that the Biden Administration allowed to traverse across our nation has been characterized as an innocuous surveillance devise that accidentally entered our airspace, because of "force majeure," despite its ability to maneuver, to hover over strategic military sites and nuclear missile silos, and its large, as well as still unknown, payload. However, there is another possibility that no one is talking about; namely, that it was a dry run to see how far the Communist Chinese could infiltrate our airspace with such a device for a future EMP attack. An EMP or electromagnetic pulse attack is conducted by setting off a nuclear device in the stratosphere that completely cripples a nation's power grid. In 2001, our government setup an EMP Commission to look into the threat such an attack would pose to our nation. According to the Commission's final report, such an attack could result in wiping out 70% of our electrical grid, a yearlong blackout, and the deaths of tens of millions of Americans. According to Dr. William Graham, the Chairman of the EMP Commission, it is possible that 90% of our population would die from an EMP attack, since "they don't live in a way that provides for their own food and other needs." Adding to this most disconcerting threat is a couple of frightening facts. First, the Communist Chinese are known to be exploring the use of high altitude balloons, such as the one that just traversed our nation, to conduct EMP attacks. Second, the Communist Chinese have actually published a textbook entitled, The Third World War: Total Information Warfare. The textbook reveals that China is focused on quickly achieving the capability to destroy their enemies through "computer viruses" and "nuclear electromagnetic pulse" attacks. How far has the Communist Chinese gotten in their instigating of World War III by an EMP attack? Well, they threatened American warships in the South China Sea with an EMP attack in March of 2022. 


The naiveté of our government to our nefarious nemesis, the Communist Chinese, who have stated their intention to remove and replace us as our world’s only superpower, is truly dumbfounding. It is even more so when Democrats are in control of our government, since their approach is always to appease our adversaries, even the most militant and menacing among them. For instance, while the Communist Chinese invade our airspace with a high altitude ballon that could be used to launch an EMP attack upon our nation, our president says China is just a competitor with whom we compete rather than a combatant with whom we are in conflict. Of course, how much our president’s kid glove treatment of our most alarming arch-rival has to do with the Chinese yuan his and his son’s pockets have been padded with, we may never know. But this we can know for sure, having learned it on 9/11, our Christ-forsaking country, in spite of its arrogant air of unassailability, can quickly and easily be brought to its knees by God, whether through His use of our appeased adversaries hijacking of airplanes or invading of our airspace with high altitude balloons.