December 20, 2023 @ 6:00 AM

Democrats have accused Donald Trump of insurrection, which they have redefined as the disruption of government proceedings. By Democrats’ new definition, many of their own are also insurrectionists. Eric Swalwell, the former boyfriend of Chinese spy Fang Fang, committed insurrection when he recently aided and abetted Hunter Biden to deny a congressional subpoena, as well as shutdown Hunter’s subpoenaed deposition before a House committee. Since he, by his own admission, had prior knowledge of his son’s plan to defy a congressional subpoena and to shutdown the work of a House committee, our president, like Swalwell, is also guilty of insurrection, according to Democrats’ new definition of the term. Democratic Congressman Jamaal Bowman is definitely an insurrectionist, since he, in an attempt to prevent congressional passage of legislation he personally opposed, pulled a fire alarm in a House office building to disrupt the official vote. Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tliab is also an insurrectionist, since she, back in October, incited anti-Israel protestors to breach the Capitol and take over parts of the complex, which resulted in some 300 arrests, as well as alleged assaults on police officers. And progressive protestors, who, unlike January 6th protestors, were praised rather than pummeled by Nancy Pelosi, were also guilty of insurrection, when in 2018 they stormed the Wisconsin Capitol to stop the state legislature from passing right-to-work legislation.


Now that we’ve determined that Democrats’ new definition of insurrection only applies to MAGA Americans and to Donald Trump, not to Democrats themselves, we need to point out that Donald Trump has never been charged, indicted, prosecuted, tried, or convicted of insurrection, but only accused of it by Democrats. Not even Jack Smith, the politically partisan point man in Joe Biden’s weaponized Justice Department, which is conducting all-out lawfare against Donald Trump, has indicted Trump for insurrection, since Smith knows he lacks the evidence to do so. Still, Democrats and their “Ministry of Propaganda,” better know as the mainstream media, unremittingly reverberate their damnation of Trump as a damnable insurrectionists endangering our democracy.


George Soros, a deplorable anti-American, who ferments anarchy in our streets by funding non-prosecuting public prosecutors, like crime-ridden Los Angeles’ District Attorney, criminal championing George Gascón, has also funded numerous lawsuits across America to keep Donald Trump off of the 2024 presidential ballot. These suits have been filed in Blue States, where liberal judicial activists are more likely to expunge the name of Trump from the 2024 presidential ballot. These ridiculous suits, which are no more than thinly veiled attempts to have our next president chosen by judges in our courts rather than by voters at the polls, are based on the 14th Amendment to our Constitution, which was added after the Civl War to prohibit former Confederates from being elected in future elections to any public office. The twisted legal logic and contorted legal theory of these ludicrous lawsuits is that January 6th was equivalent to the Civil War, MAGA Americans are equivalent to the South rising again, and Donald Trump is equivalent to General Robert E. Lee. 


If there was an ounce of sanity and integrity left in our courts, if there was a thimble full of respect for our Constitution and laws, then, these ludicrous lawsuits would be laughed out of every court in this country. However, what’s unbelievably occurring is no laughing matter. Not only are these suits not being scraped in a split second and swiftly tossed on the judicial scrapheap by courts in Blue States, but they’re actually being entertained as legitimate, despite their obvious illegitimacy. Adding insult to injury, last night, the dark blue Colorado Supreme Court did the unthinkable, it ruled to remove Donald Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot. In other words, four unelected and Democrat appointed justices decided that Coloradans have no right to vote for the candidate of their choice in their state’s upcoming presidential primary. Instead, this quartet of black robed judicial despots usurped control over the state’s ballot box and decided to dictate to all Coloradans who they can and cannot vote for. 


As one would expect, the Trump Campaign immediately appealed this breathtaking imperiling of our representative republic to the United States Supreme Court, which will have to quickly rule on the appeal. Otherwise, Coloradans will be prevented from voting for Trump by four Colorado Supreme Court Justices, who confused their bench with a throne and their gavels with scepters, and Democrats will be enabled by our courts to remove all of their political opponents from future ballots by simply alleging unfounded accusations against them. Make no mistake about it; if the highest court in our land does not overturn this dictatorial decision by Colorado’s highest court, free elections will be a thing of the past in these United States. Democrats will have finally accomplished their coup de grâce, the deathblow to our democracy under the guise of delivering it from Donald Trump. Oh, what incredible irony and insidiousness!