November 6, 2023 @ 6:00 AM

God has had only two human witnesses in all of human historyIsrael, God's chosen people, the Jews, and the church, God's elect people, Christians. According to Revelation 11:1-13, an end-time antisemitic and antichrist world will put God's two witnesses, Jews and Christians, in its crosshairs. Furthermore, it will breakout in world-wide celebration at the assumed annihilation of both, exchanging gifts with one another in what could be described as the devil's Christmas. Yet. the two witnesses, together at the end of time in one body, which is the church, will be raised up and called up into heaven, before God's wrath begins to be poured out on an antisemitic and antichrist end-time world.


According to Alan Dershowitz, we're witnessing in our world today an "international war against the Jews." In addition to this, our world, including our own country, is becoming more and more antichrist, not just antisemitic. Everywhere we turn today, God's two witnesses, Christians and Jews, are under increasing attack. The world is truly declaring war on God's two witnesses, and doing so under the ruse that hatred of us is love towards all other religions and races. 


There is, much to the chagrin of the contemporary church in America, no other explanation for the phenomenon of worldwide protests in commendation of Hamas and in condemnation of Israel, such as the one that drew tens of thousands of protestors to our own capital, Washington D. C., yesterday, but the fact that our world, as well as our own country, is becoming increasingly possessed, as the Bible predicts, with the spirit of antichrist? As the Apostle Paul warned, under divine inspiration, in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, our whole world is being swept away now in great delusion, so that it can be damned, not only for refusing to believe and love the truth, but also for preferring and finding pleasure in its untruths and unrighteousness instead.


Although I've been shouting it from the rooftop, to little or no avail, like a voice that cries in the wilderness, we've entered the biblically predicted perilous times of the last days (2 Timothy 3:1). In addition, there is no escape hatch from these evil days, in the form of a secret rapture of the Christian church, which is nowhere to be found in all of Scripture. Instead, the Bible teaches that God's two witnesses are going through the fiery trials of end-time tribulation, to prepare them both for Christ's Second Coming. Israel will be prepared by the fiery trials of end-time tribulation and the unprecedented persecution of the perilous times of the last days to finally receive Jesus Christ as their Messiah at His coming, so that they can enter into His Millennial Reign upon earth as His subjects. On the other hand, the church, the bride of Christ, will be prepared by the fiery trials of end-time tribulation and the unprecedented persecution of the perilous times of the last days for her Bridegroom's return, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and to enter into Christ's Millennial Reign as His co-regents, reigning with Him for a thousand years upon the earth. However, between us and that glorious time to come is the perilous times of these last days.