November 4, 2023 @ 6:30 AM

Irony of ironies, the Pentagon argues that states’ abortion restrictions harm military readiness, despite the fact that abortion has claimed more American lives than the total number of American fatalities in all the wars we’ve ever fought. In addition to this absurdity, is this travesty, over a year after it stated unequivocally that abortion restrictions have "readiness, recruiting, and retention implications" for our military, the Pentagon has now been forced to admit that it has absolutely no evidence to confirm this claim. Obviously, this uncorroborated claim has nothing to do with military readiness, but is nothing but an undercover political attack upon abortion restrictions.  


In a rare instance of political courage, in Washington DC, which is the Mecca of political cowardice, Senator Tommy Tuberville is bravely standing up against our military’s unlawful use of taxpayer dollars to fund the travel expenses of female military personnel traveling across state lines to exterminate their unborn children. In spite of the Hyde Amendment, which outlaws the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, our military has not only declared war on the unborn, but is unlawfully funding its fight for abortion with the hard-earned taxpayer dollars of pro-life Americans. Therefore, Alabama’s pro-life Senator, Tommy Tuberville, is single-handedly blockading all of the Pentagon's military nominees. By doing so, Tuberville is not only standing up for the unborn and against our military’s unlawful use of our taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, but is also preventing a plethora of progressive military brass promotions, which would translate into our military becoming far more woke and far less warlike. If you ask me, Tuberville’s heroism ought to be rewarded with the congressional Medal of Honor. However, it has unfortunately resulted in a political firefight, one that has targeted Tuberville and put him under fire from all quarters.


Not only is our military, the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party condemning Tommy Tuberville, for his courageous one man stand, but Fox News and Tuberville’s fellow Republicans are also getting in on the tarring and feathering of Tommy. For instance, Fox News’ Jennifer Griffen has reported that Tuberville is “hurting the military” by putting its promotions on hold. Republican Senator Mitt Romney has condemned Tuberville for “abuse of power,” over his refusal to rubber-stamp all of the Pentagon’s proposed military promotions. According to Molly Hemingway, the editor in chief of The Federalist, the Republican Minority Leader of the United States Senate, Mitch McConnell, is working behind the scenes with the Democrat Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, as well as with the Biden White House, “to kill [Tuberville] for doing oversight of the Pentagon, its illegal abortion policy, and its dangerous left-wing and incompetent military leadership.” While Molly uses the word “kill” figuratively, no one is really sure what Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw meant when he threatened to “tear” Tuberville “apart” or what George W. Bush’s former CIA Director, Michael Hayden, meant when he suggested the removal of Tuberville from the human race. When it comes to the latter, Tuberville took it serious enough to report it to the Capital Police as a possible call for his personal assassination.


There are two important points being overlooked in all of this Tuberville turmoil. First, the good Senator from Alabama is actually not preventing any of the Pentagon’s proposed military promotions from being approved. Each one can be approved individually on separate votes by the United States Senate. All Tuberville is preventing is the blanket approval of them all at once. 


Second, and far more important, is the fact that all our military has to do to stop Tuberville’s one-man blockade of its military promotions is to stop illegally paying, with our taxpayer money, the travel expenses for female personnel to travel across state lines to exterminate their unborn children. Yet, incredibly, our military refuses to do so, but instead blames Tommy Tuberville for singlehandedly sabotaging our armed forces. 


The real question here, which no one is asking, is not why Tommy Tuberville is willing to die on this hill, he's obviously doing it to save unborn children from becoming military casualties. The real question is why our military is willing to die on this hill, since it means, by its own profession, that it would rather pay travel expenses for female personnel to cross state lines to get abortions than to be properly prepared to defend our country against our ever-increasing adversaries all over the world. When did fighting for abortion become more important to our military than fighting for America?