October 12, 2023 @ 8:00 AM

In the first post in our series of articles, The Truth About the Palestinian Israeli Conflict, I pointed out that the so-called Palestinian diaspora and Jewish occupation of Palestine is pure fabrication. It's a lie propagated by antisemites to turn world opinion against the Jewish people as interlopers and oppressive occupiers. In this article, the third in our series, I'll deal with another subtle lie, which is seldom caught and scarcely known, but masterfully propagated by Jew-hating Muslims to turn world opinion against modern-day Israelis, as land stealing persecutors of peace-loving Islamists.


According to bloodthirsty Hamas' barbarians, their murderous rampage against innocent Jewish civilians was spawned by worsening tensions at Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is supposedly the  third holiest site in all of Islam. The mosque, better known as the Dome of the Rock, is located in the heart of Jerusalem and on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, which is revered by Jews as the spot where Israel's temple once stood. So according to Hamas, Saturday's inhuman atrocities, such as the decapitating of Israeli infants, were perpetrated by dedicated devotees of the Religion of the Sword in defense of the third holiest site of their "peace-loving religion.”


The truth about Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock is a far cry from what today's Islamists claim, as the following proves. In the Koran, it is taught that the Prophet Mohammed traveled one night from Mecca to “the farthest mosque” on a mythological steed named “Buraq.” From this mosque, Mohammed supposedly ascended into heaven and received instructions from Allah as to the number of prayers Muslims are to pray each day. “The farthest mosque” was once universally believed to be the “Al-Masjid al-Nabami” or the “Mosque of the Prophet,” which was located in the city of Medina. It was certainly not believed to be "Al-Aqsa Mosque“ or "Qubbat al-Sakhrah,” Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, which was not even in existence at the time.


Today’s Muslims, unlike yesterday’s, insist that Mohammed’s Night Journey was taken from Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock. By doing so, they provide themselves with a “sacred” claim to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, turn a formally neglected and rundown mosque into Islam’s third holiest site, and suggest that Jerusalem is as holy a city to Muslims as it is to Jews and Christians. Predictably, our unsuspecting world unquestionably accepts this pure fabrication as the unvarnished truth.