October 11, 2023 @ 8:30 AM

Evil cannot be appeased, but must be annihilated. The world will either fight evil or be overcome by it. This is an incontrovertible truth, which is clearly taught in Scripture and empirically proven by human history. Accordingly, deadly adversaries bent on your destruction must be eradicated, since there’s no possibility of them ever being placated. 


The vowed and singular objective of the terrorist organization Hamas is to “wipe Israel off of the map” and to “drive the Jews into the sea.” Therefore, Hamas, its sponsor, the mad mullahs of Iran, its enabler, Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority, and its fellow bloodthirsty terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, cannot be appeased nor placated by Israel and its allies, but must all be annihilated and eradicated by Israel and its allies. While there is no denying that modern-day Israel is in a most unenviable predicament, there is also no denying that it leads to an inevitable conclusion; either the destruction of Israel or the demise of its enemies. This is the harsh and hard reality that our world now finds itself grappling with, because of the gullibility it has long been guilty of.


For a long time now, our world leaders’ foolhardy formula for peace in the Middle East has been articulated by the catchy cliché: “Land for peace.” According to this cockamamie theory, if Israel gives land to its enemies, who are bent on Israel’s destruction, then Israel’s enemies will be appeased and become peace-loving neighbors of the Jewish state. The reality, however, has proven to be quite the opposite. For instance, consider the following.  


In 2006, Israel forced the evacuation of nearly 9,000 Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip. As Israeli soldiers forcefully removed fellow-Jews from Gaza, they were taunted by Palestinians, who notoriously dance in the streets every time a terrorist bomb goes off in Israel, claiming the innocent lives of Israelis. One of the chants employed by the Palestinians was, “We will continue with the rest of Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem, until we control all of Israel.” No sooner had Israel’s evacuation of Gaza been completed than the Palestinian Authority put up a billboard reading: “Today Gaza. Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem.”


As the last Israeli soldier pulled out of Gaza, celebrations, orchestrated by rival terrorist organizations, broke out all over Palestine. The black, green, and yellow flags of these terrorist groups were soon flying all over the former Israeli-held Gaza Strip. The Palestinian flag, however, was conspicuously less common than the flags of these terrorist organizations. Well known Hamas’ slogans, such as, “Push them out as they pushed you out” and “Yes for freedom! No for Jews,” began appearing everywhere, on posters, graffiti, and even the walls of abandoned Gaza synagogues. While breaking windows with a metal pole, one terrorist’s sympathizer, Samir Abu Hattah, shouted, “Go to Hell, Zionists!” According to Hattah, the lesson to be learned from the Israeli pullout of Gaza and to be subsequently taught to Palestinian children is that terrorism works. “No matter how long it takes,” Hattah said, “the occupiers will leave because of resistance.”


Parading through Palestinian settlements in the back of pickup trucks, armed and masked members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade celebrated Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza as a victory for terrorism. Hamas’ top military leader, Mohammed Deif, attributed the Israeli pullout from Gaza to his organization’s terrorist campaign against Israel. Additionally, he called for continued terrorist attacks until Israel is completely destroyed. Another senior Hamas leader, Mahmoud al-Zahar, told an Arab newspaper, “We do not and will not recognize a state called Israel…This land is the property of all Muslims in all parts of the world…Let Israel die!”


To add injury to all of this insult, Israel’s sworn enemies took advantage of the Israeli pullout in Gaza to commence a daily bombardment of Israel with rockets and mortal shells, which has continued ever since, even until today. This indisputable development, the indiscriminate shelling of Israeli territory, resulted in Dennis Ross, who served as the Director of Policy Planning in President George W. Bush’s State Department and was President Bill Clinton’s special adviser for the Persian Gulf, pointing out a most patent and poignant truth. Instead of fulfilling the political pipe dream of “land for peace,” Israel had actually swapped “land” to its sworn enemies “for war.”


There is no such thing as a two state solution in the Middle East. It is, as it always has been, a grand illusion dreamed up by dense politicians with their heads in the clouds of pie-in-the-sky. What we’re witnessing today is the definite dissolution of the international community’s pipe-dreamed illusion of a peaceful Palestinian state living peacefully along side a coexisting Jewish state. 


The time has come for our world to see Muslim militants, like Hamas terrorists, for what they are, a continuously growing cancer on the civilized world. Until Islamic fascism is properly diagnosed, the international community will continue treating this world-threatening malignancy with sugar pills. As a result, Muslim militancy will continue to spread as a world-threatening mass and Muslim militants will continue turning Israeli conciliations into military advantages in the Islamists’ war to annihilate the Jews.