January 14, 2023 @ 8:00 AM

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell recently rebuked NBC News' Senior Capitol Hill Correspondent Garrett Haake for referring to abortion opponents as "pro-life." Mitchell's hissy fit over the long established term was brought on by her contention that it is not "an accurate description" of abortion opponents. However, the truth is; it's not referring to one side of the abortion argument as pro-life that is inaccurate, but referring to the other side, the pro-abortion side, as "prochoice." There is nothing prochoice about them. Even when it comes to abortion, the only choice they are in favor of is a woman’s choice to take the life of her unborn child. They oppose fathers or the parents of minors having any choice in the matter, pharmacists choosing whether or not to fill prescriptions for “the morning after pill,” hospitals choosing whether or not to provide abortion services, or us choosing whether or not abortion should be legal in our state. When you stop to think about it, there has never been a more inappropriate dubbing of anyone than dubbing today's Democrats as "prochoice." They are against anyone having a choice about anything, whether it’s taking a vaccine (vaccine mandates), where your kids go to school (school vouchers), what they’re taught (Critical Race Theory), what you drive (electric car), who you rent property to (fair housing), who you hire in your business (affirmative action), or whether or not you own a gun (gun control). Indeed, the Democratic Party is "anti-choice" and “pro-coerce.” Far from wanting a pro-choice America, Democrats dream of a day when Americans are left with no choices at all.