January 15, 2023 @ 6:00 AM

United States Senators, despite their security clearance and ability to view the documents in a SCIF—sensitive compartmented information facility—have been denied the right to see the classified documents found in the homes of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Biden's DOJ is keeping it all under wraps, under the guise that these illegally possessed documents are part of ongoing investigations. The key word here is "ongoing," since these investigations can go on as long as Biden's DOJ wants these documents concealed from the American people and their representatives, who have oversight over the DOJ. Think about this; the DOJ claims the right to conceal any information about itself that may prove to be incriminating, because the information is under its own investigation.


Despite the Biden Administration's desperate efforts to keep Joe's ever-widening classified documents scandal sunk beneath the facade of secret DOJ investigations, incriminating evidence keeps rising to the top of this scum covered slough. For instance, emails have been found on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, in which Hunter shares classified information, regarding government policy, with Devon Archer, his former business partner, who is presently in prison. This inside information, which Hunter hoped to parlay into prodigious profits in his foreign business dealings, must be kept secret, Archer is warned. Therefore, Hunter instructs him to buy a “burner phone,” one that cannot be traced, for all future conversations between the two on this subject. The all-important question is: “Where did Hunter get this classified information that he was attempting to parlay into prodigious profits in his foreign business dealings?”


The White House, which is refusing to answer any questions on Biden’s ever-widening Garage-Gate Scandal, has recently been put on the spot and made to squirm by some spot on questions by some plain-speaking inquisitors. First, Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked why President Biden was allowed to go to his home in Wilmington after a special counsel was announced and before the FBI made a full search of the premises for additional classified documents. “What was he doing there,” Doocy demanded, only to hear Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s broken record response, “I would refer you to the White House Counsel’s Office,” which, of course, refuses to comment on the "ongoing investigation."


Second, now that classified documents have been found in Biden’s possession from his days as a senator, not just from his days as Vice President, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is asking when Biden’s senate documents, more than a thousand boxes of them stored at the University of Delaware, will be searched by the FBI. Also, Cruz is asking why no raid and search of Hunter Biden’s home and business addresses is being conducted, like the FBI conducted at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Largo Estate. Good questions, but like all the others, no answers from the Biden White House. 


Finally, Edward Snowden, believed by many to be a hero and by others to be a traitor, for exposing classified information to the public that proved our federal government is criminally breaching our constitutional right to privacy with universal surveillance, has asked, what I believe to be the best question of all.  Living as a fugitive in Russia, where he has been granted asylum, Snowden asks how he can be condemned as a traitor, when he had fewer classified documents in his possession than our present Commander-in-Chief, as well as his immediate predecessor. Great question, but don’t hold your breath for an answer. While the questions keep coming, no answers are given, because our government is secretly investigating itself, while keeping us in the dark and demanding that we blindly trust its cloak-and-dagger operations.


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