January 15, 2023 @ 7:00 AM

Joe Biden’s Garage-Gate Scandal is snowballing, exposing his hypocrisy, incompetency, and criminality, as well as our two-tiered justice system and biased mainstream media. It has also caught the FBI interfering with another election, by waiting to divulge Biden’s illegal possession of classified documents until January, well after the first batch was discovered prior to November’s midterm elections. All in all, it’s business as usual in today’s Washington DC, where Democrats and their comrades in our intelligence agencies and mainstream media attempt to lynch Donald Trump over one drummed up false accusation after another, while circling the wagons to acquit Joe Biden from manifold and manifest malfeasance.


It is clearly illegal for anyone to take any classified document. Anyone caught doing so is subject to prosecution and imprisonment, as has been proven by the prosecution of a plethora of former U.S. officials, including a former National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger, and a former CIA Director, General David Petraeus. As Andy McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, has explained, Joe Biden has already pled guilty to unlawfully retaining classified documents, by admitting they’ve been found in his office at the Penn Biden Center and in the library and garage of his home in Delaware. Granted, Biden claims the documents were taken inadvertently, but as Jonathan Turley, law professor at George Washington University points out, this only proves Biden guilty of the gross negligence prosecutable under the laws that outlaw the taking of classified documents. 


Classified documents are suppose to be contained in a SCIF—sensitive compartmented information facility. It is only in a SCIF that they can be viewed, and then only viewed by someone with the proper security clearance. It is illegal for anyone to remove classified documents from a SCIF. Needless to say, classified documents should never be found in a locked garage in Delaware, alongside Joe Biden’s Corvette.


Having established the fact that Joe Biden has committed a prosecutable crime, which other Americans have been prosecuted and imprisoned for, let’s talk about how his crime jeopardizes our national security. Unfortunately for Joe Biden, his own words, those spoken by him in condemnation of Donald Trump, for allegedly taking classified documents, are coming back to haunt him. According to Joe, the taking of classified documents is “totally irresponsible,” since it can “compromise sources” and consequently jeopardize our national security. “How [can] anyone,” Joe asked, “be that irresponsible.” Obviously, his posed question now needs to be posed to him, since he has personally perpetrated this pointed out repulsive irresponsibility.  


While Trump claims that the documents found in his home at Mar-a-Largo were declassified by him, when he was President, something a president has the constitutional power to do, Joe Biden can make no such claim, since the documents found in his home and office were taken by him when he was Vice President; that is, when he had no constitutional power to declassify classified documents. Furthermore, the documents confiscated at Trump’s Mar-a-Largo estate were kept under secret service protection in a secure vault, but those found in Biden’s possession were found in a cabinet at his Penn Biden Center office, as well as in a closet and garage at his house in Delaware. 


Other factors about the locations where these classified documents were found make their discovery all the more disconcerting. For instance, the Penn Biden Center was being funded by millions of dollars by the communist Chinese. Although Joe Biden hardly ever used his office there, he was paid almost a million dollars for the use of his name. When it comes to the house in Delaware, where classified documents were found in the library and garage, Joe Biden’s son Hunter, whose nefarious and lucrative business dealings with several foreign entities is now well-known, listed the house, in several emails, found on his notorious laptop, as his personal residence. Interestingly, some of the classified documents discovered have to do with China and Ukraine, two countries from which Hunter inexplicably received millions of dollars. In light of all of this, it’s hard to see how anyone cannot be suspicion that Hunter was conducted a garage sale to the communist Chinese and Ukrainians from his claimed Delaware residence.


Adding insult to injury, the Biden White House is claiming to be transparent in its non-transparency. As Jonathan Turley argues, the only thing it is truly transparent about is its transparent unwillingness to answer any questions. For instance, the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, is excusing her stonewalling of the press by falsely claiming that the DOJ has zipped her lip and thrown away the key. Likewise, President Biden claims his lawyers have counseled him to asks no questions, lest he be armed with answers and forfeit his excuse for not informing the American people; namely, his complete ignorance of the whole affair. Isn’t it interesting that Joe Biden, who is often accused of not knowing what’s going on, but who always swears that he is as sharp as a tact cognitively, is suddenly claiming he doesn’t know what’s going on?