September 4, 2022 @ 6:30 AM

Democrats—who demand the continuing carnage of unborn children, gender neutrality, public school indoctrination, cancel culture, open borders, defunding the police, get out of jail free cards, forgiving student loans, ending fossil fuels, mandating experimental vaccines, censoring free speech, policing free thought, restricting religious liberty, eliminating voter ID laws, packing the Supreme Court, eliminating the Senate filibuster, politicizing and weaponizing our Justice Department, revoking the Second Amendment, and a centrally controlled citizenry—have finally defined what they mean by “extremist.” 


Our President Joe Biden defines an extremist as anyone who didn’t vote for him, but who voted for Donald Trump. In fact, Trump voters are not just extremists, but according to our president, semi-fascists who are endangering our democracy. Just as Biden once said blacks “ain’t black” if they didn’t vote for him for president, he now says those who did “ain’t extremists,” like everyone else who didn’t


Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, went further in her definition of an extremist. According to her, it’s not just someone who didn’t vote for her boss, but is anyone who disagrees with majority opinion. Here’s how Jean-Pierre put it: “When you are not with where majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme.” So if you don’t conform to groupthink; that is, to public opinion, as published in progressives pollsters’ latest public opinion polls, you’re an extremist. Interestingly, Jean-Pierre didn’t address whether or not this makes the Biden Administration extreme, since its poll numbers are under water and the vast majority of Americans view it unfavorably.


Well, now you know; to a Democrat an extremist is anyone who dares to disagree with him or her. 


  1. So if you disagree with the ongoing carnage of 65 million unborn children, you’re an extremist. 
  2. If you disagree with giving the mad mullahs of Iran billions of taxpayer dollars to fund their state sponsored terrorism and to acquire for themselves nuclear weapons, you’re an extremist. 
  3. If you disagree with gender neutrality and that mothers are “birthing people” and that biological males should be allowed to compete in women’s athletics, you’re a extremists. 
  4. If you disagree with sending your kids to Democrat indoctrination camps, which were once know as public schools, you’re an extremist. 
  5. If you disagree with millions of illegal immigrants invading our country, changing our demographic, and going on the public dole, you’re an extremist. 
  6. If you disagree with our justice system being a revolving door for violent criminals, which allows them back at on the street to repeat their violent crimes on multiple innocent victims, you’re an extremist. 
  7. If you disagree with our government picking taxpayers’ pockets to pay off the student loans of other people, you’re an extremist. 
  8. If you disagree that our planet will soon become a smoldering ember and all of us little charcoaled briquets unless we transition to solar panels, windmills, and electric vehicles, you’re an extremist. 
  9. If you disagree with centralized medicine, mandated experimental vaccines, and the revoking of your right to bodily autonomy and informed consent, you’re an extremist. 
  10. If you disagree with silencing and censoring all dissenting voices to the Democrat Party, you’re an extremist. 
  11. If you disagree with outlawing the Biblical beliefs of Christians that militant homosexual find intolerable, you’re an extremist. 
  12. If you disagree that voter ID laws are racist, suppress the vote, and do nothing to protect the integrity of our elections, you’re an extremist. 
  13. If you disagree that the Supreme Court should be a rubber stamp for Democrat’s radical socialist agenda, you’re an extremists. 
  14. If you disagree with doing away with the Senate filibuster, so that the Senate will no longer be a deliberative body, but one in which the minority party will be steamrolled by the majority party, you’re an extremist. 
  15. If you disagree with the Department of Justice becoming the American Gestapo and our media becoming the American version of Pravda, you’re an extremist. 
  16. And if you disagree with the unarming of our citizenry in the face of our society’s increasing anarchy and our government’s increasing tyranny, you’re an extremist.


Seeing themselves as mainstream and the standard by which moderation is to be measured, Democrats excoriate all dissenters as extremists. In Democrats’ eyes, anyone who disagrees with them must be marked as an extremist, so that they can be distinguished as a danger to our democracy. However, the true danger to our representative republic today is the Democratic Party. Barry Goldwater once said, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” I don’t know about you, but I’m proud to be branded by Democrats as an extremist for disagreeing with their tyrannies and defending our liberties. I see it as virtuous, not vilifying. I only hope the ranks of “extremism” grows before the real extremists can completely destroy our country under the guise of being its guardians.