June 19, 2022 @ 8:30 AM

Here's an article that will evade the undiscerning eye. Two federal judges have recused themselves from presiding over a vaccine mandate lawsuit, because they, as Pfizer stockholders, have an obvious financial conflict of interest. A third judge has now been asked to step down from the case, after it was discovered that he too owns Pfizer stock. According to the Wall Street Journal, this third judge, Edgardo Ramos, along with 130 other federal judges, have consistently broke the law by presiding over lawsuits where they or their families owned stock in the company or companies involved. Couple this with Dr. Anthony Fauci's refusal this past Thursday to answer Senator Rand Paul's question about whether or not he and others at the NIH have financially benefited from Big Pharma royalties during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Fauci, the law does not require him or his colleagues to divulge to the public any financial conflicts of interest they might have with the pharmaceutical companies they're suppose to be regulating. Such obstinate covertness on the part of Fauci brings to mind the words of Harvard professor and former FDA director Herbert Ley, who warned America that government agencies like the FDA and NIH are all about protecting the big drug companies, in order to reap for themselves financial rewards. According to Ley, what the public thinks is going on and what is really happening is as different as night and day. 


According to the book of Revelation, when God’s destructive judgment falls on MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH, its “merchants,” who will have become “the great men of the earth,” will no longer be able to deceive “all nations” by their “sorceries” (Revelation 18:23). The Greek word used in this verse for “sorceries” is “pharmakeia,” which is the Greek word from which we get our English words “pharmacy” and pharmaceuticals.” As anyone knows who has studied the history of pharmaceuticals, its roots are found in the apothecaries of ancient sorcerers, where they supposedly concocted their magic potions and spells. In light of all of this, is it not incredible to peer at the ever-expanding power of Big Pharma over our planet through the prism of this pinpoint Bible prophecy? Truly, Big Pharma's tentacles are wrapped around everything in present-day American, from our judicial system to our healthcare system. and, thanks to the love of money, which the Bible depicts as the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10), Big Pharma's evil is ever-growing upon the earth, just as Scripture predicts. Yes, the Bible is coming true, judgment is coming soon, and Jesus is coming again, are you ready?