June 16, 2022 @ 8:30 AM

There is something far more sinister than political partisanship abreast in today’s America. Those who naively call for us all to disagree agreeably are clearly ignorant of what’s really going on, not to mention completely ignoring the militance of radicals hellbent on revoking our constitutional rights and freedoms and on transforming our representative republic into their long dreamed of socialist utopia. We are truly at war in today’s America. It is a fight to the death and there is no affable way to fight it.


Contrary to the insistence of gutless Republicans that godless Democrats are patriots with a differing political ideology, today’s Democratic Party is absolutely treasonous. It is tenaciously determined to destroy the America we’ve all known and loved. The proof of present-day progressives’ treachery is seen in their insistence that there is no greater crime in contemporary America than nonconformity to their radical socialist agenda. According to them, no one refusing to march goose-step at their side in their revolutionary parade is fit for public office or deserving of rights and privileges. Instead, they demand that all dissenters should be barred from public office, as well as put behind the bars of a penal institution.


Democrats are determined, as all dictators always are, to coerce us into conformity to their ideology, even if it means vilifying us, voiding our votes and voices, and violating our rights and freedoms. They will truly stop at nothing and stoop to anything to see to it that their radical agenda alone is implemented in present-day America. 


Wherever you look today, Democratic “Brownshirts” are on the march. For instance, they are attempting to coerce Christians into conformity to the  LGBT community with their proposed Equity Act, to coerce pro-life Americans to pay for abortions by repealing the Hyde Amendment, and to force all Americans into their Green New Deal with their war on fossil fuels and its subsequent record breaking gas prices. No matter how you look at it, there’s simply no doubt about it, today’s Democrats have become little “Pol Pots” hellbent on impaling us all on the planks of their party’s political platform.


To chalk up Democrats’ current crimes against their confuting countrymen to nothing more than political partisanship is equivalent to charging a murderer with nothing more than discourteousness toward his victim. The truth is; we’re no longer talking about mere politics, but about mounting dictatorship. It’s no longer a simple matter of freethinking Americans with different opinions, but something far more sinister, an America where freethinking is abolished and governmental diktats are autocratically imposed. It’s war, and there is no civil or cordial way to conduct it.