November 18, 2022 @ 6:30 AM

If you've read my daily diatribes for any length of time you've undoubtedly heard my candid assessment of our two political parties. I've long contended that Democrats are godless and Republicans are gutless. I feel sorry for anybody who is counting on our present-day politicians to solve our ever-mounting and evermore menacing problems, since our politicians have actually caused many of them and are completely incapable of solving any of them. While some keep hoping gutless Republicans will grow a backbone and at long last stand up to godless Democrats, who are hellbent on co-opting the coercive power of our government to coerce us all into conformity to their godless ideology, I have given up all hope of such a thing, since Republicans are first and foremost creatures of political expediency; that is, they will always do what is personally perceived by them to be best for their political careers, not necessarily for our country or their constituents. A perfect example of this is what occurred yesterday in the United States Senate.


As I wrote and warned years ago in my book, Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: The Compelling Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage, militant homosexuals sought the legalization of same-sex marriage so that they could co-opt the coercive powers of government, under the guise of civil rights protection, in order to coerce all Americans into conformity to their radical agenda, as well as to censor and silence all dissenting voices, such as those of Bible-believing Christians. Ever since five Supreme Court Justices took it upon themselves to redefine the Biblically defined and God-ordained institution of marriage, as well as to overrule the voices and votes of millions of Americans, who had voted to outlaw same-sex marriage in their states, the militant homosexual community has been on the march attacking the religious liberty and freedom of speech of any America refusing to march to their beat, especially Christians, who still believe in the Biblical definition of marriage and that homosexuality is, as the Bible teaches, a sin in the eyes of God.


In their effort to help homosexuals to coerce all Americans into conformity to the radical agenda of the LGBTQ community, and in hostility toward the Christian church and all Christians in America, Democrats have repeatedly tried to pass their Equality Act,  a duplicitous and diabolical piece of legislation that would effectively outlaw Biblical beliefs and Christian convictions that are deemed by Democrats as discriminatory toward the LGBT community. Although Republicans, to their credit, have thus far kept this outlawing of Christianity from becoming the law of our land, they've begun to cave and once again proved themselves cowards in our country's ongoing cultural war. Yesterday, the United States Senate passed a bipartisan piece of legislation, the Respect for Marriage Act, which will codify same-sex marriage into federal law. This legislation, passed by Democrats, with the help of twelve Republican Senators, including the Republican Party's presidential nominee in 2012, Mitt Romney, doesn't just codify into federal law a redefinition of the Biblically defined and God-ordained institution of marriage, but by doing so pulls out from under our society the God-ordained bedrock of all orderly societies. In addition, it paves the way for perpetual persecution of the church all across the fruited plain by redefining Biblical truths as blatant intolerance! 


While Democrats are obviously foes of the historic and orthodox Christian faith, though many of them hypocritically profess the faith they openly oppose, Christians in American are making a serious mistake when they suppose that Republicans are all soul mates to the saints. Although there are a few exceptions, the vast majority of Republicans, just like Democrats, are certainly not our friends.