November 14, 2022 @ 5:30 AM

I wrote yesterday about how our midterm election should serve as an ominous omen to every Christian in America. However, I doubt it will. Most Christians in this country will continue to stick their head in the sand and pretend that today's America is the same as yesterday's, though it bears no resemblance to it whatsoever. Today, I've elected to take a nosedive into the depths of American depravity, which our midterm elections made unmistakably manifest.


To begin with, consider the fact that Democratic voters were supposedly spurred on to the polls to vote Democratic because of the promise of Democrats to continue the carnage of unborn children in America. That's right; Democrats promised and their voters went to the polls in droves to make sure America would continue to exterminate unborn children by the millions. This issue, abortion on demand, was Democrats' winning issue and the one that mattered most to their voters. With the blood of 64 million unborn children already on our hands, how can any Christian in America deny the undeniablethe impending and inevitable judgment of God upon our nation? 


In addition to the above, our midterm election also brought Montanans out to the polls to oppose the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, which would have required medical professionals to perform lifesaving medical care on infants who either survived a botched abortion or were born prematurely. Now, I said Montanans, not Californians, voted to leave newborn babies to die, so that their little corpses could be thrown into dumpsters. While we've grown accustomed to expecting such abominable evil from the so-called Golden State, who would have predicted such a thing in Big Sky Country? Truly, such a thing is proof positive that the sky is falling in today's America!


Life is cheap in contemporary America, where the American people no longer bat an eye or shrug a shoulder over our country's ongoing  onslaught of the most innocent among us. Indeed, the mass murder of the unborn has become the rallying cry for our country's largest political party. Such coldheartedness is not just characteristic of today's bloodthirsty America, however, but of our whole world. For instance, the sixth leading cause of death in Canada today is legalized euthanasia, which is now being expanded to euthanize the mentally ill, in order to control the cost of socialized medicine. In addition, this new expansion will allow the euthanizing of “mature minors” by state doctors without parental consent.


This horrible disregard of the Biblical doctrine of the sanctity of human life is quickly growing to monstrous proportions. The inhumanity of such things as infanticide and euthanasia are being whitewashed with the duplicitous drivel of a woman’s right to choose, a person’s right to die, and the state’s right to act on behalf of the greater good. In light of this, contemporary Christians should find it most disconcerting that 48% of  American college students believe hate speech should be a capital offense; that is, punishable by death. In other words, in the minds of a growing number of Americans, preaching repentance, as Christ commissioned us to preach to the whole world (Luke 24:47), warrants the death penalty, since it is seen as an evil that needs to be eradicated for the greater good. 


Remember, Jesus predicted that the time will come when Christians will be so hated for His name's sake and for the sake of the Gospel that they will be persecuted, imprisoned, and even put to death (Luke 21:12-17). Looks like that time is fast approaching! Soon, the revoking of the Christian’s right to life, just like the unborn child’s right to life, will be callously excused as essential for the wellbeing and safety of others, as well as for the greater good of all society. Are you ready to save your life by giving it up for the sake of Christ and the Gospel (Mark 8:35)? Looks like a sanctity of human life denying, not to mention antichrist America, is now voting for you to soon find out whether you are or not.