June 15, 2021 @ 9:30 AM

Once you’ve dug in your heels in your understanding of Bible prophecy, you’ve pretty much assured yourself of misunderstanding. Prophecy, like a scroll being unrolled and revealed a little at a time, is better understood as it is fulfilled in real time. As Henry Grattan Guinness, who was known as the Irish "Spurgeon," acutely asserted, “History is the interpreter of prophecy.” Since “prophecy is history written in advance,” Guinness argued that "history...takes the place of prophecy,” as "the foretold [becomes] fulfilled.” 


All who obstinately insist upon sticking to their inflexible past presumptions about Bible prophecy, despite both opposing and unfolding present-day fulfillments, effectively blind themselves to today’s multiplying signs of the times. If we are honest with ourselves, we’ll be forced to admit that many of our past presumptions have become implausible today. Indeed, much of what we once lauded is now laughable. Still, many a saint is unwilling to let go of yesterday’s perceived prophetic scenarios, in spite of today’s contradictory ones. They continue clinging white knuckled to popular prognostications of the past, despite the fact that these former forecasts are being proven not only fanciful, but even preposterous by the unfolding of prophecy today.


While prophecy has essential dogma—fundamental doctrines that cannot be denied, such as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in power and glory—we should carefully steer clear of dogmatism when it comes to the prophetic details. They will, as our Lord Himself explained, be understood as they unfold (John 13:19). Our avoidance of dogmatism, when it comes to the details of prophecy, should be seen as essential to our understanding of prophecy. We must be ever-willing to rethink what we’ve previously thought and been taught if we are to perceive present, as well as previously unperceived fulfillments of Bible prophecy.


I readily admit that my understanding of the fulfillment of prophecy is in a constant state of flux. While I’m dogmatic about the cardinal doctrines of Bible prophecy, such as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the resurrection of the dead, I’m always openminded to how the prophetic details predicted in Scripture may be presently unfolding in today’s world. With this in mind, permit me to present a previous dilemma I’ve long had in my understanding of Bible prophecy, which I now believe has been resolved at long last by present-day events.


I’ve long been convinced that Revelation’s “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH” is America. I’ve been equally convinced that the first beast of Revelation chapter 13—the end-time world’s political leader—will be an American president, and the second beast of Revelation chapter 13—the end-time world’s religious leader—will be a pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Now, these convictions of mine, which I believe have been arrived at through the serious study of Scripture, along with scriptural insights graciously given to me by the Holy Spirit, have turned an important prophetic passage into something personally perplexing.


According to Revelation chapter 17, the “scarlet beast” that the “purple and scarlet” clad “whore” rides, will, along with his “ten horns,” not only “hate” the whore who rides him, but will also destroy her; that is, “make her desolate.” It is easy to see how the whore, who I believe represents our country, rides and keeps a tight rein on the beast, who I believe represents our Chief Executive. After all, America’s presidents serve at the will of the American people. They are not only elected by the people, but must govern according to the people’s liking, lest they be ousted from office after one term. However, I’ve always been perplexed, at least until now, over how an American president, along with a confederacy of other nations, represented by the beast’s ten horns, could hate and destroy America. Well, I’m not perplexed anymore, but I’m suddenly seeing it come to pass right before my very eyes.


Although this is a most inconvenient truth, it is also an incontrovertible one. Joe Biden, as well as his political party, hate America. They hate everything America has every been and everything America has ever stood for. Furthermore, they believe our country, especially the patriots within it, who want to make America Great Again and believe in putting America First, are the one remaining obstacle to forging a new world order, which will bring about Democrats’ long dreamed of socialist utopia upon the earth. Therefore, Biden and his fellow Democrats are determined to reduce America to ashes, or as the book of Revelation puts it, to “eat her flesh and burn her with fire.” It is from the ashes of America that Democrats envision a paradisiacal planet arising, a global paradise governed by a one world government and headed by a Democrat despot who will rid the earth of all dissenters and dissidents.


The number ten symbolizes quantitative or numerical fullness in Scripture. A horn symbolizes power or a king. Therefore, the beast’s ten horns, which join him in his hatred and destruction of the whore, simply symbolize the total number of confederate nations that align themselves with the beast in destroying the whore and usurping dictatorial world power. Again, here’s a most inconvenient, but incontrovertible truth: European nations, as well as their offspring, such as Justin Trudeau’s Canada, also hate America. Their hatred of everything we’ve ever been and ever stood for is no less vehement than Joe Biden’s and his Democratic party’s. They too, just like Democrats, disdain American patriots and see American nationalism as the one remaining obstacle to their long dreamed of new world order. Consequently, they stand ready and willing, as was proven at last week’s G7 summit in Cornwall, England, to join an anti-American president and his America-hating political party in the ruination of our representative republic. After all, they too believe a paradisiacal planet will arise from America’s ruins under the rule of a borderless brotherhood of confederate world leaders who’ve deified a Democrat despot as the absolute Fuhrer of this fallen world.


The plausibility of this prophecy unfolding before our very eyes in these very days was made plain to us at last week’s G7 Summit. Whereas the leaders of the world’s great industrial nations frowned upon President Trump, over his nationalism, especially over his America First policy, they fawned over Joe Biden, thanks to his globalism. For instance, French President Emmanuel Macron, who was caught on camera, with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, making fun of Donald Trump in 2019 at a Nato summit, praised Joe Biden in an in-person meeting with our president last Saturday. According to Macron, “It’s great [to once again] have a U.S. president part of the club and very willing to cooperate.” 


There is no doubt that Joe Biden is part of the globalist club. He even boasted at last week’s summit that “America is back”—back at the globalist table and determined to earn back our globalist allies’ respect by cooperating with them in the building of a better world for all people everywhere. According to Joe Biden, America is no longer looking at the world through the narrow lens of Donald Trump’s America First policy, but through the wide-angle lens of his global Building Back Better policy. As Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister put it, he, Biden, and their other globalist counterparts are determined to build a better world by building back better, greener, fairer, more equal, more gender neutral and in a more feminine way.


Before concluding this conceivably verbose, but certainly vital article, permit me to direct your attention back to an important verse in Revelation chapter 17. According to verse 17, the beast and his cohorts will destroy the great whore, because God has put it in their hearts to do so. In other words, they will be used by God to judge the great whore and to fulfill God’s will, as well as His Word. Herein lies a crucial truth eluding almost all modern-day evangelicals. God has put it into the hearts of Joe Biden and his political party, as well as into the hearts of their international allies, like Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, and Boris Johnson, to hate and destroy America. God is doing this, as His Word predicts, in order to judge America for her egregious and unprecedented spiritual harlotry. After all, America has gone from being the greatest Christian nation in the history of the world to being an antichrist nation that is now spearheading a worldwide movement to stamp out Christianity upon the earth. Unbeknownst to almost all Americans, our country finds itself today in the throes of God’s judgment, which He is implementing through human pawns, who have no idea that they are being wielded by the Almighty in the fulfillment of His will and Word.


The human pawns, present-day progressives, who are being used by God to judge and destroy America, are in for an alarming awakening in the very near future. Much to their chagrin, when their new world order arises from the ruins of America, it won’t result, as they’ve long envisioned, in heaven on earth, but in hell on earth. In fact, it will usher in the greatest hell on earth this fallen world has ever known. If not cut short by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, no human being will survive progressives’ ill-fated and impending socialist utopia (Matthew 24:22). When Christ returns, these democratic socialists, who’ve been used by Christ to judge and destroy America, will be ultimately and mercilessly judged and destroyed themselves!