June 10, 2021 @ 7:15 AM

America’s new religion is statism. All Americans are now being asked to bow to the state as our sovereign and to confess it as our lord and savior. Government is our new god, having anointed itself the all powerful arbiter of our rights and freedoms. The holy scripture of America’s new religion is science, and anyone refusing to blindly adhere to its “inerrant” dogma is condemned as a risk to our public safety, national security, and planetary survival. The priests and prophets of American statism are scientists, who alone can interpret statism’s sacred text and predict the pending doomsdays of things like climate change and worldwide pandemics. And finally, Anthony Fauci, having been selected by a conclave of physicians, politicians, and the press, has ascended to the papacy of America's new religion, from which he pontificates his infallible ex cathedral pronouncements to lowly Americans who are duty-bound to blindly follow the “science” Pope Fauci formulates.


Although I don’t want this to be taken too far, by it being misunderstood as a claim on my part that Anthony Fauci is THE Antichrist, I do believe he has proven himself to be AN antichrist, by asserting himself to be the human embodiment of both science and the truth. According to Fauci, all who dare to question him prove themselves guilty of scientific heresy. In fact, Fauci, in an unbelievable display of human hubris, goes so far as to assert that any attack on him is an attack on the truth. It sounds to me like this little man is having a serious identity crisis. He is not only confusing Himself with Jesus Christ, who alone is the truth (John 14:6), but also, by doing so, declaring himself some sort of false Christ.


Whereas Jesus taught us that God's Word is truth (John 17:17), the pompous pontiff of American statism, Anthony Fauci, contends that his word is truth, and therefore not to be denied nor disobeyed. Anthony Fauci is anything but a simple immunologist and civil servant who is attempting to protect the American public from a pandemic. He is, as we recently posted, the most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in American history. Think about it, his medical advice has resulted in the suspension of our Constitution, the revoking of our constitutional rights and freedoms, the lockdown of our economy, us being locked up in our houses, and the shutdown of our businesses, workplaces, schools and churches. Now, in addition to being our presumed ruling viceroy, Fauci is also proposing himself to be our infallible vicar. 


It’s high time the church in America stopped halting between two opinions (1 Kings 18:21). If Christ is Lord, follow Him, but if Fauci and the state are lord, then, follow Fauci and your government. One thing for sure, as our Lord Jesus Christ taught us, none of us can serve two masters, but must choose between the two (Matthew 6:24). Whom will you choose? Remember your eternity will be determined by the choice you make.