April 17, 2021 @ 7:30 AM

If Dr. Anthony Fauci is the spokesman for modern-day science and we’re suppose to follow the science that Fauci speaks, or as Fauci now pontificates, be ruled by it, then, we all ought to be about as confused by now as a termite in a yo-yo. Fauci's profuse and pompous “scientific” pronouncements have not only be convoluted, but often contradictory. He has even admitted to intentionally misleading the public for what he perceived to be the public good.


It’s time America awoke from its “scientific” stupor and asked some serious questions. When was this little squirt, Anthony Fauci, enthroned as America’s sovereign? How did we end up on our knees before this knucklehead being demanded by our government to knuckle under to his every dictate? And why has America suspended its Constitution, as well as our constitutional rights and freedoms, to blindly follow the unabating bloviating of this bureaucratic buffoon?


The Bible teaches “that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey“ (Romans 6:16). If we yield ourselves to blind obedience to Anthony Fauci, then, we not only make ourselves his servants, but him our sovereign. Granted, most Americans will protest that it’s not Fauci they’re blindly following, but science. To them, the so-called science Fauci spouts is unquestionable and Fauci, its eminent spokesman, unchallengeable.


It appears to elude all of these modern-day minions of Anthony Fauci’s so-called science that their unquestioning abdication to Fauci actually endows him with absolute authority over their lives. Their fear of the coronavirus has forced them into the fetters of Fauci, who they perceive as their savior, not their sovereign. 


Unquestioned authority has been called freedom’s greatest foe! Furthermore, Benjamin Franklin warned us that those who forfeit their liberty for a little security deserve neither and will lose both. When you add to these warnings the Apostle Paul’s divinely inspired admonition to Christians, that we not be deceived by what is falsely called science (1 Timothy 6:20), you quickly realize how freedom is being endangered in today’s America, because today’s Americans are being deceived.