October 5, 2021 @ 8:30 AM

It’s time for some plain talk, though it will, in today’s America, as it always has for all prophets of God in this fallen world, get my voice exiled to the wilderness (John 1:23). America’s most formidable foe and serious threat is not Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Xi Jinping’s Communist China, the mad mullahs of Iran, the new terrorist haven in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, or North Korea's Kim Jong-un, as disconcerting as it is for this nut to have nukes. Instead, the greatest threat to our representative republic is the Democratic Party, which is presently unraveling it right under our noses. 


Democrats are devoted to destroying everything our country has ever stood for, as well as everything patriotic Americans have ever loved about our country. They are joined in their coup d’état by a host of cohorts; such as, the mainstream media, Big Tech, Corporate America, academia, and our entertainment industry. Along with these cohorts, there are also those complicit with Democrats in their unraveling of our representative republic, such as milquetoast Republicans and an enabling American electorate, which continues to elect diabolical Democratic insurrectionists to elected office, despite their dedication to the destruction of our nation.


It’s high time we faced the disconcerting fact that we’re not embroiled in political debate nor divided over differences in political policies or ideologies, but are actually witnessing the death of America. Furthermore, our country’s terminal condition is irreversible, since we’ve fallen under God’s judgment for our unprecedented spiritual harlotry—having transformed ourselves from being the greatest Christian nation in the history of the world into an antichrist nation that is now attempting to stamp out the Christian Faith in our land and upon our planet. Our present-day hardhearted politicians, in both political parties, are to us what Egypt’s hardhearted Pharaoh was to ancient Egypt; namely, the instrument of divine retribution being wielded by the Almighty in the annihilation of our once great nation.


To believe that there is a political solution to our terminal spiritual problem or that there is the possibility of the salvation of our nation under a political savior, like a Donald Trump, who is really a product of our problem rather than a solution to it, is the epitome of delusion. To continue to believe that we can deliver a doomed America from divine destruction under Democrat demolition through a totally corrupt political system is a foremost exercise in both folly and futility. If you’re a Republican, it’s time you stopped prostituting yourself to a political party that is actually antithetical to the cardinal doctrines of our Christian Faith. If you’re a Democrat, it’s time you examined yourself and made sure you’re in the faith (2 Corinthians 13:5), since no true follower of Jesus Christ could support an antichrist political party that is hellbent on ousting the Christian Faith from our land and outlawing the preaching of Christ’s Gospel within it.


As Christians, it is now imperative that we face these hard and harsh realities. It’s time we prepared ourselves for the dark days ahead, within which we will find ourselves in the crosshairs of an end-time world possessed by the spirit of antichrist. While our redemption draweth nigh (Luke 1:28), there is between us and it the refining fires of fiery end-time tribulation that we must past through to purify and sanctify ourselves for our Bridegroom’s return. As the ancient Prophet Amos proclaimed, “Prepare to meet your God” (Amos 4:12)!