October 13, 2021 @ 7:00 AM

Any attempt to talk about present-day politics tends to deteriorate into a tit for tat tirade over which evil is the lesser evil. Are Democrats more evil than Republicans or are Republicans more evil than Democrats? Can’t we just dispense with this interminable tit for tat by conceding that they’re both evil? As I’ve said for years, “Democrats are godless and Republicans are gutless, and I've got no use for either of them!”


While Democrats and Republicans are both despicable, they are different in their despicableness. For instance, Democrats incessantly wield character assassinating accusations against all who dare to disagree with their preposterous political policies. Like any good trial lawyer, they know that when the facts and the truth are not on your side, you are reduced to attacking all opposition witnesses with credibility destroying incriminations. By doing so, Democrats successfully divert the public’s attention from their scandalous political ideology to their slanderous indictments of all of their political opponents. Permit me to offer you a perfect example.


If anyone today dares to oppose Democrats’ preposterous open borders policy, over its obvious threat to our national sovereignty, security, and solvency, they are immediately and incessantly excoriated by Democrats as an intolerant xenophobe. Consequently, the insanity of Democrats’ illegal immigration policy is buried beneath an avalanche of accusations against all dissenters. In the end, dissenters are slandered, debate is squashed, our borders remain open, and our republic is imperiled.


Now, to the scripturally ignorant and spiritually undiscerning, the slanderous scorched earth politics of today’s Democratic Party is attributable to the likes of Saul Alinsky, who taught the demonization of dissenters to be the most dependable method for their destruction. Mr. Alinsky's bestselling book, Rules for Radicals, is arguably the playbook for present-day progressives. However, for the scripturally literate and spiritually astute, the source of Democrats’ accusatory politics is traceable back to a mysterious and malicious character found in a far more ancient book, a book written long before Alinsky’s guidebook on how to assassinate the character of all your political challengers.


The Greek word for “devil” in the New Testament literally means “slanderer” or “accuser.” Furthermore, the Bible identifies the devil as “the accuser of the brethren,” who accuses or slanders them before God both day and night (Revelation 12:10). According to the Bible, when we curse men, who are made in the image of God, by slandering them or falsely accusing them, we are not only doing the bidding of Beelzebub, but also have a tongue that has been set on fire by Hell (James 3:1-18). Like Job’s wife, who served unwittingly as Satan’s mouthpiece (Job 2:1-10), modern-day Democrats have no idea who is pulling their chain. Likewise, all who back them in their slanderous scorched earth politics have no idea who they’ve climbed into bed with; it’s not just Democrats and Saul Alinsky, but the devil, who is the real source of Democrats’ accusatory political strategy, as well as the inspiration behind Alinsky’s political scribblings.