September 18, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

Don’t overlook this as just typical political nonsense or another nutty statement by a cognitively challenged nincompoop. Instead, see it for what it is—the confusion of government with God. Joe Biden, like many Americans, if not most, believes the same thing about our presidents that the Romans believed about their Caesars; namely, that they are gods. How else could Biden claim that President Trump had the power to have prevented any American from dying during a worldwide pandemic? Truly, only God could do such a thing!


It is Biden's, as well as others' belief, in Trump's possession of godlike powers that permit them to blame Trump for every coronavirus fatality in America. Furthermore, it is Biden's, as well as others' belief, that his election to the presidency will serve as his deification, which will endow him with divine powers empowering him to save every American from the coronavirus' stalking death angel. 


In all fairness to Joe, he learned to confuse the presidency with godhood from the master, Barack Obama, whom Oprah Winfrey called "the One," whom actor Jamie Fox professed as "our Lord and Savior," and whom artist Michael D’Antuono painted as "The Truth." That Obama was a man possessed by illusions of divine grandeur is indisputable. Consider for example his promise to the American people that if elected to the presidency he would “slow the rise of the oceans, lower the earth’s temperature and heal our planet.” And you thought that only Jesus could command “the wind and the sea” (Mark 4:41). 


There is something here that is not only most sinister, but also mostly undetected. Most modern-day evangelicals are erroneously looking, because of their misinterpretation of Bible prophecy, for some European leader to rise as the false Christ of the world's end-time superpower. However, right under our noses, in the greatest superpower of all time, America's presidents are being perceived by the American people as false christs, those who need to be obeyed as our lords in order to save us as our saviors.  


Permit me to illustrate how we're being imperiled without perceiving it by our perception of presidents as lords and saviors; that is, as false christs. As you well know, our country is reeling from being shutdown by our government over the coronavirus pandemic. Amazingly, our government abruptly suspended our constitutional rights and freedoms, seized control of our lives and livelihoods, and even shutdown our churches, without hardly a peep of protest from the American people, who saw unquestioning obedience to our government as necessary, in order for our government to save us from the virus. We literally surrendered ourselves to the lordship of our government, out of fear for our lives, and in the hope that our government would prove to be our savior.   


Joe Biden is vowing that he, if elected as our next president (lord and savior), will mandate masks be worn by every American everywhere. Now, to most Americans, wearing a mask is no big deal, but to me, it's a really big deal, when it's no longer a personal choice but a government command. If we grant our government such minute lordship over our lives, in hopes of our government saving our lives, we are surely surrendering ourselves to our government as lord of our lives. It's not about masks, but about who will be our master, and, as Jesus said, "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other" (Matthew 6:24). 


In Daniel chapter 3, Nebuchadnezzar, the king of the world's first Gentile superpower, set up an image to himself, as well as to his kingdom. The image, which was 60 cubits high and 6 cubits wide, was to be bowed to by everyone when 6 musical instruments were played. Anyone refusing to bow in submission to the absolute sovereignty and assumed divinity of the king and his kingdom were to be thrown into a fiery furnace. The only ones daring enough to defy the deity of the king and divinity of the state were 3 faithful servants of God, who were indeed thrown into the fiery furnace, but not until it had been heated 7 times hotter than ever before. Much to the delight of God's faithful servants, as well as to the chagrin of Nebuchadnezzar, the Lord was with His faithful followers in their fiery trial, so much so that they emerged from it without the slightest stench of smoke and with nothing burned off of them but the ropes that bound them when they were thrown in.


In Revelation chapter 13, we are told of the erection of another image, an image to the leader of the world's end-time superpower. It too will be characterized by 666; in other words, anyone refusing to bow in submission to the absolute sovereignty and assumed divinity of the world's end-time leader and superpower will be thrown into unprecedented and fiery end-time tribulation. As it was with Nebuchadnezzar's image, so it will be with this end-time image, only a small remnant of God's faithful servants will defy the deity of the world's end-time leader and divinity of the world's end-time power. Those few who do, will discover, as the 3 Hebrew children did in the fiery furnace, that Christ will be with them in their fiery trial. 


You can already hear the music playing in the background of today's America for all Americans to bow to the deity of our president and the divinity of our state. The little remnant who will refuse to do so are destined to suffer the fiery tribulation and unprecedented persecution of the biblically predicted last days. Far from being secretly snatched out of this world and into the safety of Heaven before the commencement of any end-time tribulation, as is both popularly and erroneously believed by so many in today's carnal and contemporary church, all who dare to faithfully stand for Christ and defiantly refuse to kneel to a presidential sovereign and a deified state are about to do so, as Jesus Himself predicted, at the risk of everything, including their own lives.


I guess we're about to find out who really loves Jesus. What will you do at the sound of music; that is, when this fallen and Christ-rejecting world’s grand finale is finally played?