September 16, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

As I recently wrote, November 3rd could prove to be the day we finally pull the plug on America, since neither presidential campaign will be willing to concede defeat, leaving us with no possibility of either a peaceful concession by the Biden Campaign or a peaceful transfer of power by the Trump Administration. You can read my article—THE DAY WE PULL THE PLUG ON AMERICA—here:


Since I wrote my article, we’ve learned that the Biden Campaign has hired hundreds of lawyers, including shyster Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s notorious Attorney General. In the event Biden loses rather than wins the presidency, this army of lawyers will be deployed in the courts to overturn the decision of voters at the polls. At the same time, President Trump has suggested, and many of his supporters have proposed, that he invoke the Insurrection Act on Election Day. This 200-year-old law allows the president to deploy the military to suppress civil disorder, insurrection, and rebellion. 


Foreseeing unprecedented voter fraud, in the event Trump loses to Biden in November, or unprecedented violence in our streets, in the event Biden loses to Trump in November, Trump supporters, like Roger Stone, are calling upon Trump to declare Martial Law. Indeed, many argue that putting us under military rule is already justified by the current rioting occurring in cities all across our country. 


Having already proven repeatedly over the past four years their willingness to stoop to anything and to stop at nothing to overturn a presidential election and to oust a duly elected president, is there any doubt that Democrats would resort, without reservation, to burning down our republic, in order to remove from its presidency a reelected Donald Trump? Furthermore, is there any doubt that such seditious insurrection on their part would be met by a full throttled military response on Trump’s part? 


That we are headed to an inevitable constitutional crisis that may well prove to be the death blow to America is becoming increasing apparent. Consequently, the media is now musing over it, with recent headlines that declare the Left is setting the stage for an upcoming coup, in the event that Trump wins, or that Trump is planning a coup d’état, in the event that Biden wins. Yes, everyone everywhere is suddenly being forced to face the disconcerting fact that this upcoming Election Day may prove to be the beginning of the end for America. 


With faith in our democracy being undermined, our voices and votes being overruled, and our government proving to be the means of our destruction rather than our protection, we find ourselves, contrary to popular opinion, powerless to do anything about it. What’s occurring in our country today can’t be combatted with a ballot in our hand, a stump speech on the campaign trail, a ruling from our courts, legislation by Congress, or a presidential executive order. It is, unbeknownst to most Americans, as well as to most Christians in America, our country’s downward spiral into the divinely preordained and biblically predicted end-time scenario. It’s all being orchestrated by the Almighty, under whose fiery indignation we now find ourselves, thanks to our forsaking of Him—the One who truly made us great!