August 26, 2020 @ 8:45 AM

This is incredible and certainly serves to unmask the diabolicalness of today's demented Democratic Party. In 2016, Hillary Clinton warned America that Trump's refusal to concede the presidential election to her, in the event that she won, would not only undermine our electoral process, but prove fatal to our representative republic. Of course, Hillary lost, Trump won, and it was Hillary, not Trump, who refused to concede the election. In fact, she still insists she won, Trump lost, and the presidency was stolen from her; so much for her feigned concern over undermining our electoral process and destroying our representative republic. Now, Hillary is brazenly calling on Joe Biden "not to concede" November's presidential election "under any circumstances." In other words, the time has come for a Democratic coup and takeover of America. Democrats believe it's time for them to ascend the throne, rule over us, and overrule our votes and voices. It is truly unconscionable to me how any God-fearing, freedom-loving American, much less any true Christian, could ever aid and abet these megalomaniacs, who are shamelessly hellbent not only on ruling over us as our mighty sovereigns, but also on reducing us to their mere subjects!