August 27, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

Jesus taught us that we could know people by their fruit (Matthew 7:20). The fruit of today's rioters exposes them as anything but peaceful protestors. Instead, they are, as any keen fruit inspector can easily detect, violent insurrectionists and infidels who are masquerading as valid demonstrators. 


Rioters in Portland certainly put their rotten fruit on display when they brought out their guillotine this past Saturday night. Of course, the guillotine serves as the most fearsome symbol of the French Revolution, which not only overthrew the French government, but also, for all practical purposes, ousted Christianity from France. By parading their guillotine through Portland's streets Saturday night these rioters were pinpointing for us their two intended targets. Like the French Revolutionaries, they too are hellbent on overthrowing their government and ousting Christianity from their country, which explains their burning of American flags and Bibles. Furthermore, they brought out their guillotine to show that they, like the French Revolutionists, are ready and willing to decapitate all dissenters. In other words, their guillotine was meant to serve as a heads-up to all those in danger of having their heads lopped off.


Many mistakenly interpret the Democratic Party’s refusal to condemn today’s rioters as nothing more than the reluctance of Democrats to offend their base. Yet, to all astute fruit inspectors, there is a cornucopia of forbidden fruit here. First, there is the fact that the base of America’s largest political party is comprised partly, if not mostly, by violent insurrectionists and infidels. Second, there is the fact that violent insurrectionists and infidels are comfortable casting their ballots for Democratic candidates, with whom they feel a sense of camaraderie. And finally, there is this most disconcerting fact of all; namely, that the Democratic Party is actually in league with these violent insurrectionists and infidels, in that today’s Democrats also want to overthrow our government and oust Christianity from our country.


Although the French Revolutionists promised heaven on earth, the French Revolution ended up producing hell on earth. It is truly one of the darkest chapters in world history, proving to what deplorable depths man can sink when he sheds himself of the moral restraints of faith in God and law and order. While France’s violent insurrectionists and infidels, like America’s present-day rioters, claimed to be legitimate freedom fighters, they brought anything but freedom to France, as Madame Roland made plain on the day of her execution. Standing before the guillotine, Madame Roland cried out, “Oh liberty, how many crimes are committed in thy name?” Truly, Madame Roland’s cry should be ringing in our ears!