August 12, 2020 @ 8:30 AM

Christians in America must not overlook this ominous omen! It is not, as most will believe, benign, but most malignant. Eight out of ten Americans—93% of Democrats and 65% of Republicans—believe mandatory social distancing should be imposed upon churches.


Now, you may have no problem with this, believing it a mere matter of protecting churchgoers from the coronavirus. However, for the government to impose it rather than for churches to choose it, makes our government the regulator of religion in America. It installs the state as the head of the church and subjects the church to state control.


Two recent Supreme Court rulings have paved the way for this unprecedented government infringement upon our religious liberty, finding no constitutional problem nor First Amendment violation in such intrusion of the state into church affairs. Still, the most foreboding aspect of this inconspicuous takeover of the church by the state is not our Supreme Court's recent rulings, but the fact that the vast majority of Americans, even American churchgoers—82% of Protestants and 92% of Catholics—concur with the High Court and favor Uncle Sam replacing Jesus Christ as the Head of the church.


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