August 9, 2020 @ 11:00 AM

Speaking at an airport in Cleveland this past week, President Trump preposterously accused Joe Biden of hurting the Bible and of hurting God. Now, there's no doubt that Joe Biden is, as Trump also alleged, against the Book of God (Bible) and the God of the Book! Biden, along with all other Bible-bashing Democrats, defy God by their disobedience to His Word. This is not to say, however, that Trump or his fellow Republicans are faithfully devoted to following God's Word and to fulfilling God's will. The tragic truth is; antichrists are prevalent on both sides of today's political aisle, and most who mention the Master do so only for political expediency's sake. They are, as the Master Himself described them in Matthew 15:8, people who pretend to honor Him with their lips, while their hearts are far from Him.


Why Trump's airpot allegation against his Democratic rival for the presidency is preposterous is the absurdity of alleging that Joe Biden, or any man for that matter, can in anyway hurt Almighty God or His unassailable Word. 


It was C. H Spurgeon who said that the Bible was like a lion; all it needs to defend itself is to be let out of its cage. The Bible teaches that God's Word is forever settled in Heaven (Psalm 119:89). Jesus said that not one "t" will go uncrossed or one "i" undotted until all of God's Word has been fulfilled (Matthew 5:19). Our Lord also promised that His Word, unlike the heavens and the earth, will never pass away, but be proven eternal (Matthew 24:35). The Bible even teaches, in one of its most astonishing verses, that God honors His Word above His own name (Psalm 138:2); which means if God ever fails to do what He says He'll step down as God. With God so serious about His Word, how silly is it to suggest that the likes of Joe Biden could inflict the slightest little scratch on the sacred Scripture?  


In Psalm 2, the Psalmist speaks of how God holds in derision and laughs to scorn all who rage against Him and vainly imagine humanity’s overthrow of divine omnipotence! From His throne in Heaven, God peers down His nose at earthly peons arrayed against Him as pissants pompously attempting the ultimate absurdity. God’s counsel to all of His foolish foes is to fear Him and kiss His Son—receive Christ as their Savior—lest they end up trembling before Him and totally consumed by but a whit of His wrath. No man, regardless of his earthly station, can lay a hand on God, but all men are in God’s hands, to whom they will one day give an account. 


No man on earth, devil in Hell, nor angel in Heaven can pose a threat to God. Furthermore, to suggest such a thing, as President Trump did this past week in Cleveland, is to be guilty of the twin trespasses of irreverence and ignorance, proving oneself unawed by God and unacquainted with Him.