July 25, 2020 @ 7:00 AM

White supremacy is rampant in today’s America; however, the vast majority of its culprits are those who claim to be crusaders against it. For instance, the very idea of systemic racism being the reason for African American suppression implies Whites’ supremacy over inferior Blacks. If the prosperity of African Americans in America is dependent upon Whites being persuaded of Blacks’ victimization, so that Whites will have pity on Blacks and permit them to prosper, then, Whites, not Blacks, are captains of the individual fate of all African Americans. This demeaning view of African Americans, which proposes that they are incapable of personal achievement apart from the allowance and permission of their White overlords, is, contrary to popular opinion, no cure for racism, but itself racist to the core. 


In a scathing critique of the New York Times bestseller, “White Fragility,” written by Robin DiAngelo, a white woman who works as a diversity consultant to corporations, John McWhorter, an African American professor at Columbia University, accuses DiAngelo of creating a “cult” of White guilt, which “entails an elaborate and pitilessly dehumanizing condescension toward Black people.” According to McWhorter, DiAngelo’s bestseller is a “depiction of Black people as endlessly delicate poster children,” whose only hope of prosperity is to persuade Whites to have pity on them. Unless Whites practice self-condemnation for past atrocities, like slavery and segregation, which results in charitableness to present-day Blacks, African American poster children are doomed to interminable indignity.


McWhorter concludes that DiAngelo’s book, though well-intentioned, is actually a primer teaching us “how to be racist in a whole new way.” New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait, takes it a step further, suggesting that DiAngelo’s book serves as proof that “the Anti-Racism Training Industry” is now itself “peddling White supremacy!” 


Another good example of how White supremacy is being presently and imperceptibly peddled is found in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History And Culture. According to the museum, virtues like self-reliance, belief in the traditional family, objective thinking, a work ethic, respect for authority, property ownership, and politeness are all characteristics of White supremacy that have been normalized and standardized in America and forced upon people of color. In other words, while these virtues are innate to Whites, they are atypical of people of color. Perhaps the Smithsonian, like Robin DiAngelo, has good intentions, but in its idiocy, it has implied that virtue is characteristic of White people and vice characteristic of people of color. I don’t know about you, but I find this appalling. In fact, I've never seen anything anymore racist than this!


Although I could include a limitless litany of examples of how the well-intentioned are unintentionally peddling the very thing they claim to be protesting; namely, White supremacy, I’ll stop with one final and flabbergasting example. In 2019, Michelle Obama blamed “White flight” for the destruction of neighborhoods on Chicago’s South Side, where she grew up. According to her, it was White families abandoning her childhood neighborhood that left it in shambles. As long as Whites lived in her neighborhood, Mrs. Obama claimed that “there were no gang fights” nor “territorial battles.” However, once Whites had fled the neighborhood, the community when to pot and lawlessness took over.


Why this assertion of Michelle Obama’s was not readily and roundly condemned as racist is beyond me? The assertion that White flight ruins communities implies that White residents ensure stability and Black residents endanger it. If a White person made the same claim that Michelle Obama did, that communities are ruined when Whites move out and minorities move in, he or she would be immediately condemned as a White supremacist. Yet, Michelle Obama blames Whites, who abandoned her community to minorities, for all the problems it had after all of the Whites had moved out; and not a speck of White supremacy is detected in her telling assertion. 


Everyone knows the Ku Klux Klan and the Neo-Nazis are revolting White supremacists. Most Americans are repulsed by the mere thought of a cross burning or a bannered swastika. Yet, unbeknownst to them, most Americans are unconsciously corroborating with a cunning White supremacy being championed by those who contend to be crusading against it. This egregious denigration of African Americans has been perpetuated for decades by the African American community’s failure to see that those who promise them equality are the very ones who peer down their noses at them as neither presently possessing it nor capable of ever doing so without the beloved benevolence of their superior White benefactors. 


If we’re looking for true equality in this fallen world, there is only one place it can be found. The invitation Christ’s church has been divinely commissioned to extend to everyone everywhere, regardless of their race, is: “Whosoever will may come!” The ground at the cross is level. All who kneel upon it are equal and equally indwelt by Christ, through whom they can do all things. It is in Christ alone that we are enabled to effectuate true equality. Any attempt on our part to do so apart from Christ, as is proven by America’s ever-deteriorating race relations, is not just futile, but, as we’ve proven, clearly counterproductive as well.