July 23, 2020 @ 9:25 AM

If you add up all you're being told about the coronavirus you are forced to admit, "It does not compute!" For instance, consider the following:


1. Some Florida labs report a 100% positivity rate from coronavirus test results. 


2. People, such as a man in Tennessee, who've never been tested, are being contacted and told they've tested positive for the virus.


3. The CDC has mixed up coronavirus testing data, which exaggerates the actual number of tests being performed.


4. The present hotspots of the pandemic are not only in the Sunbelt, but also in July, despite the fact we were told heat kills the virus.


5. Many states, like Texas and New York, have included in their coronavirus fatality numbers thousands of "probable" deaths; that is, thousands of people who were presumed to have died from the virus.


6. According to health officials, anyone who test positive for the coronavirus and dies, regardless of the actual cause of death, is counted as a coronavirus fatality.


7. While coronavirus cases are drastically rising, the fatality rate is drastically dropping.


8. According to the CDC, 166 children died in the US from the flu this past flu season, however, under 40 children have died in the US from the coronavirus. Yet, we need to shutdown schools over the virus, not over the flu.


9. Masks, which we were initially told were not needed and ineffective, are now being mandated, despite disagreement among healthcare professionals over whether they are helpful, useless, or harmful. In addition, Dr. Deborah Berz, the White House's Coronavirus Response Coordinator, says masks may not help you from contracting the virus, but may keep you from spreading the virus to others.


10. While family, church, and holiday gatherings are dangerous and spread the virus, protests gatherings are safe and have nothing to do with the virus' spread.


While I could go on and on, suffice it to say, modern-day science is anything but infallible. Indeed, its multiple miscalculations and contradictions do not inspire confidence in its inerrancy, but prove it to be error-prone. Yet, we're being told to blindly and unquestionably "follow the science," despite the fact it points us in different directions, leads us to contradictory crossroads, and has already shepherded us down several dead-end streets. If we refuse to unhesitatingly and unconditionally obey doctors' orders, and insist upon thinking for ourselves before surrendering our lives and liberty to lab coat clad commandants, we're condemned as science-denying dummies. However, if you ask me, the real dummies in America today are those being duped by what is obviously disputable and overtly draconian.