July 18, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

If you decide to take steps you deem necessary for your protection from the coronavirus, that's one thing. It's another thing altogether, however, for the government to dictate that you march in lockstep to its demands. To submit to such dictates, subjects us to dictatorial government. It empowers the state to seize control over our lives in every perceived crisis, whether real or imagined, manufactured or de facto.


So-called science, which Scripture warns us not to be deceived by (1 Timothy 6:20), is the "infallible authority" being wielded by the state to bring us into subjection to its lordship. Not only is the state replacing Scripture with its so-called science, but also our Lord and Savior with itself. According to our government, it, not Jesus Christ, is our Lord and Savior. Its dictates, based on "inerrant" science, not on inerrant Scripture, must be unquestionably obeyed, since our absolute surrender to its lordship is our only hope of being saved from the current crisis, as well as from all future crises.


Anyone who’s been paying attention can easily see through the illusion of infallible science. The convoluted and contradictory pronouncements of its high priests and prophets are prolific. For instance, do you remember when they proclaimed that heat and humidity killed the coronavirus? Well, if this, like all of science’s other declarations, was one of its “indubitable doctrines,” as we’re being brainwashed to believe, then, how do you explain that today’s soaring number of coronavirus cases are found in the Sunbelt, not to mention in the middle of July?


It is the growing call for a national mask wearing mandate that is now spearheading the state’s devious stratagem to subjugate us to its dictates. This subject, as well as all the others that the high priests and prophets of science have pontificated upon, is fraught with contradictions and contention. Some scientists say masks are helpful, others say they are unhelpful, and some even contend that they are harmful. In addition, most of those presently swearing to the usefulness of masks, shrugged them off initially as useless. 

It’s high time every American, especially every Christian in America, asks himself or herself a couple of important questions. First, are you willing to surrender absolute control of your life to the state as your lord and savior on the grounds of so-called science’s untenable tenets? Second, are you willing to substitute an antichrist state, which poses as your lord and savior, for Jesus Christ, our true Savior, who saves all who profess Him alone as Lord of their lives (Romans 10:9-10)?