May 29, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

Like the coronavirus pandemic, riots over the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, as well as in other cities across America, serve as another sure sign of the beginning of end-time sorrows. Jesus warned that an unprecedented deterioration of race relations would be an end-time sorrow signaling His imminent return. In Matthew 24:7, our Lord predicted that the last days would be characterized by "nation [rising] against nation." The Greek word for "nation" in this verse is "ethnos," which is the Greek word from which we get our English words "ethnic" and "ethnicity." Thus, Jesus actually predicted that ethnic groups rising up against one another would prove to be a precursor preceding His Second Coming.


Another prophecy that is quickened to life by the Minneapolis riots is the Prophet Daniel's prediction that the world's end-time superpower, represented by the feet of iron and clay in Nebuchadnezzar's image (Daniel 2:33, 42-43), will fall apart because of the discord and disunity of its people. What's happening in Minneapolis is exactly what the Bible predicts will happen to the world's end-time superpower. We're being torn apart by ethnic unrest, while law enforcement is restrained from restraining lawlessness lest it be reviled as racist.


I don't know what it's going to take to wake up today's sleeping saints to the soon coming of our Lord, as well as to the shortness of time? Truly, the signs of the times are not just manifesting themselves all around us, but suddenly multiplying expeditiously. The pieces of the prophetic puzzle are quickly falling into place. 


Jesus is coming! Are you ready? Are your friends and family ready? Are you readying others for Christ return, understanding the urgency with which you need to be doing so? Or are you, like most sitting in modern-day pews or standing in modern-day pulpits, completely oblivious to the signs of the times, as well as the shortness of time?