May 31, 2020 @ 8:15 AM

Any human being with any sense of decency sees the tragic death of George Floyd as an absolutely abominable thing. Furthermore, police brutality, such as that perpetrated against Floyd by Police Officer Derek Chauvin, should be universally condemned as both unconscionable and inexcusable. Yet, somewhere lost in the smoke of riots occurring all across America over Floyd's death is this most disturbing truth: The problem of race relations in America is unsolvable!


To prove the truth of this troubling proposition we must begin with the fact that America's past sins of slavery and segregation are perceived by most present-day Americans as rendering our country unredeemable. Not only are they unforgivable, in spite of our country's renunciation of them and repentance from them, but they are to be perpetually paid for by all future generations of white Americans, who are to be continuously condemned as the bad seed of slave owners and segregationists.


The concept of institutional racism; that is, that all white people are innately racist, is a classic example of prejudice. To possess such a preconceived idea about a particular race of people is to be definitely guilty of definitive prejudice. For instance, for you to accuse a white person of being racist upon the basis of your preconceived idea that all white people are racists is to prove yourself most prejudiced. Nevertheless, in today's America, we're trying to deliver our society from prejudice by practicing such prejudice.


As long as a particular crime perpetrated against a particular black man—George Floyd—by a particular white man—Derek Chauvin—is alleged to be the victimization of the black race by the villainous white race, there is neither hope nor possibility of ever lessening racial tensions in America. As long as one rotten apple is seen as spoiling the whole barrel, the only hope of redeeming the barrel is to rid society of every single rotten apple, which is, unfortunately, in this fallen world, an absolute impossibility. Therefore, as long as there is one Derek Chauvin in America, he will serve as all the "proof" needed to set our country ablaze over its systemic racism.


Interestingly, when a particular crime is committed by a particular black man against a particular white man, no one in today's America alleges that it is the victimization of the white race by the villainous black race. For instance, no one is alleging that a black rioter who loots or sets on fire the business of a white business owner in Minneapolis proves that all blacks are rioters, looters, arsonists, and victimizers of white business owners. Everyone understands that all blacks cannot be judged by the actions of one black person. To judge all blacks by the actions of one black person is to prove yourself a bigot. Yet, no such charge of bigotry is ever leveled against those who condemn all white people for the crime of one white person. Instead, we bolster such bigotry as the means by which bigotry is to be abolished.


Perhaps, I should conclude by clarifying my initial proposition that our country's problem of race relations is unsolvable. It is, when it comes to the way we're attempting to solve it. We're trying to solve racism with reverse racism. In other words, we're giving permission to the black race to practice prejudice against the white race over past prejudices perpetrated by the white race against the black race, as though by doing so we'll somehow balance the scales and solve our problem. Still, the simple truth is: racism is wrong in all colors and can never be used to remedy itself.


There is a solution, however. It is Christ! The one place on the face of this fallen earth today where all people can truly come together is in Christ. In Christ, there is no difference between red and yellow, black and white. The ground at the cross is level, and all Christians are equal in Christ. Tragically, America has turned its back on our colorblind Savior, who is no respecter of persons. Rather than coming to Him, who alone can solve our problems and save us from ourselves, we've spurned Christ, and by doing so decided to save ourselves and solve our own problems, which has left us unsaved, our problems unsolvable, and our country aflame.