May 14, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

Although he denies any claim to it, it is undeniable that Dr. Anthony Fauci has become, as Senator Rand Paul said this past Tuesday, our “end-all” during the coronavirus pandemic. It is on Fauci’s word, which is based on his touted computer models, that our citizenry has unhesitatingly, as well as voluntarily, subjugated itself to our government’s draconian policies, which have suspended our civil liberties, along with our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Yet, as Senator Paul also pointed out in Tuesday’s Senate hearing on the coronavirus, when we look back on the history of our current national catastrophe, we’ll see “wrong prediction after wrong prediction after wrong prediction.” For instance, Dr. Fauci himself originally predicted that the coronavirus posed little or no threat to the US, but later predicted the possibility of as many as 2.2 million US fatalities.


As disturbing as it is that our current crisis is founded on the fallacious forecasts of Dr. Fauci, what is even more disturbing is that Fauci’s fallacious forecasts have been founded on the frightening forebodings of fallacious computer models. Take for example Fauci’s favorite model, the Imperial College of London’s, which predicted as many as 2.2 million Americans could die from the coronavirus. The chief author of this model is Dr. Neil Ferguson, a man so well-known among his peers for his preposterous prognostications about public health issues that his fellow modelers have dubbed him, “The Master of Disaster.” Here’s some examples of Ferguson’s past doomsday scenarios:


1. In 2002, he predicted that up to 50,000 Britons would die from eating beef tainted with mad cow disease. The actual number of deaths was only 177.


2. In 2005, he predicted that up to 150 million people would die from bird flu. In the end, there were only 282 deaths worldwide from the disease.


3. In 2009, a government estimate, based on Ferguson’s advice, predicted 65,000 Britons would die from the swine flu. In the end, there were only 457 fatalities in the U.K.”


In addition to his multiple melodramatic doomsday scenarios, Dr. Ferguson—“The Master of Disaster”—was recently forced to resign his post when he was caught breaking his own social distancing mandate, in order to carry on an extramarital affair.


Almost 2 thousand years ago, the Apostle Paul issued a divinely inspired warning to our fallen world. In 1 Timothy 6:20, he warned us not to be deceived by what is “falsely” called “science.” Unfortunately, today’s world is ignoring this Scriptural admonition. Instead of living by God’s Word, we’re living by the words of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Neil Ferguson. No wonder we’re in such a mess!