May 15, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

For years, Democrats have been intentionally undermining our representative republic by persuading our populace that their draconian policies are imperative for our protection and preservation. At the same time, Republicans have done little to stop or even slow down Democrats’ calculated strides toward turning us into a socialist state. Being slaves to political expediency, Republicans always acquiesce, afraid of bad press or bad poll numbers, which may translate into bad election day returns at future polling places. 


Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Donald Trump suddenly and surprisingly stepped onto the track of this slow train to totalitarianism. Unlike other Republicans, he proved himself not only brave enough, but burly enough to go bareknuckled with the bullies of the DNC. Democrats went bonkers, they couldn’t believe someone was finally fighting back, not to mention better at fighting dirty than they were and hitting them with one low blow after another. Consequently, conservatives embraced Donald Trump as their long awaited hero and as their last hope to make America great again. 


Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the coronavirus suddenly and surprisingly swept across America, proving that beneath his fearless fistfighting facade, Donald Trump, like all Republicans, possesses the same Achilles’ heel; namely, political expediency. When the fallacious and foreboding forecasts of millions of Americans dying from the coronavirus began flooding in, Trump, along with all other Republicans, and Democrats as well, instigated unprecedented draconian governmental policies that have proven incredibly disastrous. 


Upon nothing more than the false prognostication that the coronavirus would prove to be the “Back Death” of all pandemics, our President, along with all of our other elected officials, felt strong-armed into closing down our country, in spite of its catastrophic effects upon our lives, liberties, and livelihoods. Driven by false science and threatened to be blamed for the soaring number of coronavirus fatalities by fake news, our political leaders—federal, state, and local—folded up like a house of cards and put us all under house arrest. 


Unbelievably, what left-wing scientists have tried to perpetrate for years with their preposterous and dire predictions on climate change, they’ve now accomplished overnight with a nanoparticle pathogen. While they hoped to eventually usurp dictatorial control over our lives under the ruse of saving our planet from climate change, they’ve now swiftly usurped dictatorial control over our lives under the ruse of saving our population from the coronavirus. And it’s all been made possible by politicians who are more concerned about their political futures than the future of our republic.