December 29, 2020 @ 7:00 AM

We've been told by progressivism's prophets of doom that lockdowns over the life-threatening coronavirus pandemic have had a positive effect on global-threatening climate change, by reducing carbon emissions due to less travel, such as Americans working at home and no longer commuting back and forth to work. However, concern over one ruse being used to gain tyrannical power over our lives—climate change—being lessened by another —the coronavirus pandemic—has led liberals to come up with another loony lie to persuade us that both existential threats still pose equal peril to our universe, as well as equally valid arguments for our acquiescence to their authoritarianism. 


According to progressives' propagandizing prophets of doom, the iCloud doesn't have a carbon silver lining, since the increased emails and text messages being generated by Americans working at home have sucked up enormous amounts of electrical energy, which not only offset any benefit we've received from lessened carbon emissions, but also leaves our planet no less jeopardized by climate change than before. There you have it; you're actually threatening the survival of our universe by emailing and text messaging! If you care at all about humanity, you'll stop your evil emailing, put on your mask, curl up in a corner of your home, and wait for orders from liberal headquarters. Otherwise, you're an inhuman threat to public safety and our planet's survival that must be dealt with, lest you endanger the earth itself and mankind's existence upon it.


The Bible teaches us that a nation can become so steeped in sin that it becomes sick in the head (Isaiah 1:4-5). It also predicts that in the perilous times of the last days people who've neither loved nor believed the truth will fall for anything and consequently be swept away in unprecedented end-time delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12). Here, we find the only explanation for the otherwise inexplicable insanity sweeping today's truth-denying and dimwitted Americans away in a deluge of dopey deceptions, such as an email endangering all of humanity. It's time the church in America woke up to the fact that "the end of all things is at hand" (1 Peter 4:7), as is proven by our country's unstoppable slide into instability and insanity. As Peter admonished us, it's time for soberness, watchfulness, and prayer, for the cataclysmic concluding chapter of this fallen world has commenced, and we are the lone remaining light in the ever-growing darkness of the lunacy of these last days.