November 12, 2020 @ 7:00 AM

Democrats’ feigned call for unity is really a forceful command for conformity. The only way to get along with them is to go along with them. To dare to disagree with them is to be demonized by them. For instance, if you refuse to take a knee to the Black Lives Matter Movement, you’re demonized as a white supremacist. If you refuse to agree with defunding the police, you’re demonized as a racist. If you refuse to agree with open borders, you’re demonized as a xenophobe. If you refuse to agree with democratic socialism, you’re demonized as a diabolical capitalist. If you refuse to agree with the radical agenda of the LGBT Community, you’re demonized as a homophobe. If you refuse to believe in abortion on demand, you’re demonized as a woman-hater. If you refuse to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion, you’re demonized as an Islamophobe. And if you refuse to believe in secularism, you’re demonized for your religionism.


Any dissent to Democrat dictates gets you demonized by them as a “deplorable,” as Hillary Clinton dubbed Donald Trump voters in 2016. Echoing Hillary’s slanderous sentiment, Michelle Obama recently called upon Democrats to reach out to redeem the “tens of millions of people” who voted for “lies, hate, chaos, and division” rather than for Joe Biden. Though Michelle shares Hillary’s disdain for all Democrat dissenters, she does, unlike Hillary, who renounces them all as hopelessly “irredeemable," hold out a little hope for their redemption.


In light of the above, it should be easily evident to all honest and open-minded Americans that Democrats’ current call for unity is contingent upon everyone’s conversion to their party and conformity to their policies. Apart from going along with them, there is no possibility of ever getting along with them. You either acquiesce to their demands or they tag you as an adversary and target you for character assassination. There is no middle ground upon which unity is made possible, only a battleground for vanquishing all who vote against them.


For years, Republicans fought with kid gloves against the forwarding of political fascism by illiberal liberals. They danced on eggshells around every phony outrage pretentiously peddled by political progressives, fearful that any misstep on their part would result in the further blackening of the black hats perfectly fitted to their heads by demonizing Democrat hatters. Thus, every time Democrats threw down the gauntlet, Republicans peed their pants and fell over backwards. Our country was in the grip of both a godless Democrat Party, committed to coercing us all into conformity to their radical socialist agenda, and a gutless Republican Party, too cowardly to combat their name-calling Democrat nemeses.


It appeared America was doomed to die a slow death by a thousand cuts, as Democrats, with scant opposition from cowering so-called conservatives, incrementally converted our representative republic into their long dreamed of socialist utopia. But then, out of nowhere, came a crude, crass New York businessman, a skilled street-fighter, who was definitely deft at dirty fighting. Democrats had never seen anything like Donald Trump. Instead of a pussyfooting political pugilist, like they were used to, who would always hold his punches and never throw a haymaker, Trump was a brutal brawler who threw gazillions of haymakers and was even glad to throw loads of low blows. Both demonizing Democrats and docile Republicans were aghast at this New York ruffian who refused to fight by Washington DC’s Marquise of Queensbury Rules. Consequently, Donald Trump, clad in his MAGA trunks, was booed in the ring by all of America’s political establishment, which, unlike him, was definitely not ready to rubble!


Outside the beltway’s boxing arena, out in the cheap seats of America’s heartland, the common man rose to his feet to cheer this perceived champion of the common cause. Having been excoriated for decades by one political party and exploited by the other, “flyover country” couldn’t believe that a heavyweight contender had finally climbed into the ring on their behalf. At long last, they truly believed they had a champion who couldn’t be cajoled by career politicians to take a dive for the crooked DC syndicate. These red-blooded Americans had been waiting for years for an American Braveheart—William Wallace—to lead them into battle for the Red, White, and Blue. You see, they understood, despite all of the political spin and media propaganda, what cold-blooded Democrats were really up to and what yellow-bellied Republican were ostensibly oblivious to; namely, that we are in a fight to the death for the future of our country.


I dare say that Donald Trump may be the most flawed president who has ever set behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Still, the phenomenon of Trumpism, whether right or wrong, is undeniably traceable to the American people’s absolute abhorrence of and animosity towards malicious Democrats and milquetoast Republicans. It is incredibly ironic to me that the very ones who have bemoaned and bewailed the presidency of Donald Trump—Democrat Trump haters and Republican Never Trumpers—are the very ones who gave birth to his presidency. Furthermore, they are the very ones who continue to bolster the popularity and propagation of Trumpism. 


As we near the Holiday Season, I’m reminded of a classic holiday movie, A Christmas Story. In the movie, little Ralphie, along with the other kids in his neighborhood, are continuously intimidated and picked on by the neighborhood bully, Scut Farcus, and Farcus’ sidekick and henchmen, Grover Dill. However, Ralphie finally gets so fed up with Farcus that he calls the bully’s bluff and bloodies his nose. Afterward, Farcus’ bullying days are over. Never again will Ralphie and his neighborhood friends be manupulated or pushed around by Scut Farcus or Grover Dill. 


Donald Trump has ended the bullying days of America’s political Scut Farcus, by blooding the noses of name-calling Democrats. Republican Never Trumpers, who for years have voluntarily blindfolded themselves and stood still against the wall so that Democrat firing squads could shoot them full of holes with potshots on their character, can’t believe what they’ve witnessed. The feared Farcus has been slugged and staggered. Likewise, Trump hating Democrats can’t believe that their bullying days are over, now that their bluff has been called and their noses bloodied by a man they belittled as the butt of their jokes. Yet, as Donald Trump Jr. recently announced, the Republican Party that Democrats have grown accustomed to, the one without a backbone that never fought back, is gone forever, thanks to his father, who has fearlessly and fiercely taken on the Scut Farcues and Grover Dills of the Democrat Party.