November 9, 2020 @ 7:30 AM

Our media has become so blatantly bias that only those who share its bias are blinded to it. Like an America version of Russia’s Pravda, today’s media has long since ceased to inform us and wholeheartedly committed itself to indoctrinating us. Big Tech, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Google, censor conservative voices, while championing liberal ones. For instance, Twitter tags Trump’s tweets with disclaimers or blocks them altogether for being disputed. Yet, as we all know, if Twitter labeled or disallowed every disputed political tweet, not just the president’s, then, few, if any, present-day politicians would be permitted to post a tweet on Twitter’s platform. Pollsters, thanks to their cooked up political polls, have once again been glaringly exposed as either grossly incompetent or intentionally guileful, the latter implicating them in the patented perpetration of voter suppression. Instead of foreign powers interfering in our election, it’s feigned pollsters who have done so.


Political progressives have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on a phony investigation—the Mueller Investigation—of a false charge—Trump’s collusion with the Russians—in hopes of overturning the 2016 presidential election and nullifying the voices and votes of 64 million Americans. In addition, they’ve attempted to oust a duly elected president with a completely partisan impeachment that was absolutely void of any evidence of an actual impeachable offense. 


We’ve learned during the Trump Presidency of the preponderance of fifth columnists prevalent in government agencies, especially in our intelligence agencies. These anonymous leakers and whistleblowers have come out of the woodwork under the shroud of anonymity, which protects them from all accountability, to utter their unsubstantiated allegations, which end up hastily printed in the New York Times as headline news. If you ask me, this continuous fishing in the ever-deepening pond of the deep state for anonymous sources to advance false narratives is one of the main reasons today’s unscrupulous journalists are more distrusted than today’s untrustworthy politicians.


In light of all of the above, the American people are now being called upon to take the word of America’s news networks that Joe Biden has been clearly elected as our new president in a crystal clear election, an election run as smooth as silk and without a trace of voter fraud to be found anywhere by anyone. Indeed, we’re being told that if we fail to blindly believe that Joe Biden has been elected to the White House in a fair and square election, then, our doubts undermine our electoral process and imperil the very future of our republic. Therefore, all true patriots are being called upon to unquestionably believe what they’re told by those who’ve repeatedly proven themselves questionable, as well as downright devious and dishonest.


It was Albert Einstein, who was certainly no dummy, who said, “Blind obedience to authority is the greatest enemy of the truth.” To blindly believe what we’re told in America today, when so much of modern-day America has proven itself totally unbelievable, is not only to prove ourselves enemies of the truth, but enemies of our country as well. Contrary to popular belief, it is those who insist upon being blindly believed, not those of us who refuse to blindly believe them, who are the true threat to America.


Tragically, we’ve burned up the benefit of the doubt in today’s America. There was a time when the benefit of the doubt could be given to a free press, to our elected officials, to government agencies, and to our electoral process, because all of them proved to be, at least for the most part, scrupulous. However, in today’s unscrupulous America, the benefit of the doubt can no longer be given, since it is being unjustly demanded by those who have proven themselves totally undeserving of it.