June 9, 2019 @ 6:30 PM

There is something far more sinister than political partisanship behind Democrats’ determination to impeach President Trump, as well as Nancy Pelosi’s desire to see him prosecuted and imprisoned. The failure of the Mueller Investigation to find any indictable offense against the president has in no way deterred Democrats from demanding Trump’s ouster from the White House and incarceration in the big house. The all important question is: “Why?” 


What egregious crime has Donald Trump committed in the eyes of Democrats? The answer to this question exposes the villainy of today’s Democratic Party. To present-day progressives there is no greater crime in contemporary America than nonconformity to their radical socialist agenda. No one refusing to walk goose-step with them in their revolutionary parade is seen by them as fit for public office or deserving of rights and privileges. Instead, they believe all dissenters should be barred from public office, as well as put behind the bars of a penal institution. 


The Democratic Party’s incessant attempts over the past two years to void the votes and voices of the American people in the 2016 presidential election serve as proof positive that they believe ballots cast for opposition candidates should be cast out and only those cast for their candidates should ever be counted. Furthermore, their incessant attempts to undermine a duly elected president’s administration serve as poof positive that they believe no agenda but their own should ever be implemented in present-day America. Democrats are obviously determined, as all dictators always are, to coerce us into conformity to their ideology, even if it means vilifying us, voiding our votes and voices, and violating our rights and freedoms. 


Wherever you look today, Democratic “Brownshirts” are on the march. For instance, there is the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives recently passed Equity Act, which is a piece of legislation clearly intended to coerce the church into conformity to the radical ideology of today’s militant LGBT community. There is also the fact that all of the Democrats’ 2020 presidential candidates have now promised to repeal the Hyde Amendment if elected to the Oval Office. Of course, the repealing of the Hyde Amendment would force all pro-life Americans to pay for abortions with their hard-earned tax-dollars. No matter how you look at it, there’s simply no doubt about it, today’s Democrats have become little “Pol Pots” hellbent on impaling us all on the planks of their party’s political platform.


To chalk up Democrats’ current crimes against their confuting countrymen to nothing more than political partisanship is equivalent to charging a murderer with nothing more than discourteousness toward his victim. The truth is; we’re no longer talking about mere politics, but about mounting dictatorship. It’s no longer a simple matter of freethinking Americans with different opinions, but something far more sinister, an America where freethinking is abolished and governmental diktats are autocratically imposed.