June 14, 2019 @ 7:30 AM

The contemporary church in America has no idea what it’s up against in this fallen end-time world. Believing that all men are seekers who are receptive to the Gospel, despite the contradictory teaching of Scripture (Romans 3:11), America’s contemporary Christians erroneously believe that converting their countrymen is a mere matter of tactfully presenting the Gospel with the latest Madison Avenue marketing techniques. Failing to understand, as the Bible clearly teaches, that salvation is a miraculous work of God, today’s saints foolishly believe that men can be saved by the power of their persuasion rather than by the power of God. Of course, this explains the impotence of the contemporary church in America when it comes to impacting our culture for Christ. The more we’ve sold our soul to church growth strategies the more our society has sunk into the morass of moral depravity.


The Bible definitely teaches us that our fallen world is at enmity with God. It is, as well as always has been and will be, hostile toward Christ and all things Christian. In fact, the Bible predicts that this fallen world’s hostility toward Christ will grow until if finally crests and breaks all over our planet in an end-time and unprecedented spirit of antichrist. In that perilous time of the very last days, as the Bible also predicts, the truths of God’s Word will become utterly intolerable to lost humanity (2 Timothy 3:1; 4:3).


All of the above is on clear display in today’s end-time America, where American antichrists are becoming increasingly militant in their all-out-assault on all things Christian. Make no mistake about it, militancy is the name of the game when it comes to the modern-day nemeses of the Christian Faith. For instance, consider just a few current and incontrovertible examples:


(1) The fastest growing false religion in the world today, Islam, which has always been called the Religion of the Sword for good reason, is a militant faith. It teaches its followers that they are at war (jihad) with the whole world until all men everywhere are finally forced to their knees before Allah, Islam’s false god. In spite of Islam’s historical and verifiable militancy, it is Christians in America today who are vilified as intolerant toward Muslims, not Muslims in America who are vilified as intolerant toward Christians, not to mention, toward everyone else as well.


(2) Today’s so-called New Atheists are militantly on the march to completely secularize our culture and profane our society by removing from pubic view every semblance of the sacred. They are hellbent on removing every remembrance of our nation’s Christian heritage from the public square and on silencing every mention of it in our public schools.


(3) Today’s LGBTQ community has not just come out of the closet, but is now militantly trying to shove the Christian church into a closet. Whereas they once protested that others had no right to force their morality on them, they are now aggressively trying to force their immorality on all of us.


(4) Today’s political progressives (Democrats) have become so brazen in their militancy as to actually attempt to pass themselves off as virtuous for their vilifying of Bible-believing Christians. For instance, Democrats in congress are attempting, with legislation like their recently passed Equity Act, to criminalize Christianity as intolerance. In addition, Democratic presidential hopefuls, like Kirsten Gillibrand, are now condemning Christian doctrine, such as the sanctity of human life, as an unacceptable evil equivalent to racism.


Contrary to popular opinion, evil is neither passive nor benign, but most aggressive and malignant. It never adopts a live and let live attitude, but is in fact an in-your-face pervasiveness. As it has been acutely observed, the world will either war against evil or evil will take the world. 


Unfortunately, the contemporary church in America is comprised of conscientious objectors who refuse to take up the Sword of the Spirit and bravely combat the pervasive evil now prevalent in present-day America. Rather than fighting for the faith once delivered to the saints, as we are charged to do by Scripture (Jude 1:3), today’s evangelical pacifists wave olive branches at antichrists who are devoted to our destruction. Such passivity on the part of the soldiers of Christ in response to the enmity and militancy of antichrist forces will continue to result in the marginalization of the church in America and the triumphal march of an adversarial army, which cannot be appeased and will not be content until Christianity is no more.