March 15, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

Whereas I perfectly understand the symbolism of a jackass with the Democratic Party, I've never understood the symbolism of a elephant with the Republican Party, since elephants, unlike Republicans, have great memories. For instance, how many Republicans today remember when a Republican controlled Senate refused to push the nuclear option button to confirm President Bush's conservative judicial nominees over Democratic filibusters? According to Republicans, they chickened out in order to keep a future Democratic controlled senate from confirming a Democratic president's liberal judicial nominees over Republican filibusters. Of course, it was only a short time later when a Democratic controlled Senate unhesitatingly pushed the nuclear option button to confirm President Barack Obama's liberal judicial nominees over Republican filibusters. There they stood, the Chicken Littles of the Republican Party, like a bunch of numbskulls under a political mushroom cloud, having been duped and nuked by the Democrats.
Yesterday, some Republican senators joined with Democrats in the United States Senate to oppose President Trump's emergency declaration to fund border security. According to these scaredy-cat Republicans, the reason they did so was out of fear that a Democratic president might one day use emergency declarations to impose gun control laws or climate change regulations. Don't these amnesiac Republicans remember how President Barack Obama circumvented our legislature in order to rule our nation by fiat, through his numerous and dictatorial executive orders? Furthermore, do they really believe that by joining Democrats in their opposition to Donald Trump's emergency declaration to secure funding for border security that Democrats will join them in the future in opposition to a Democratic president's use of emergency declarations to force down our nation's throat gun control laws and the Green New Deal? If they do, they're as naive a bunch of ninnies as has ever occupied a senatorial seat; and believe me, that's saying something!
I just recently finished an intense study of F. A. Hayek's incredible book: The Road to Serfdom. It provides, for the openminded and discerning reader, incredible parallels between what's going on in today's America and what happened in Nazi Germany. In the book, Hayek argues that Germany's failure to realize that it was engulfed in a war of ideologies is what enabled Adolf Hitler's National Socialism to take over the country. I'm afraid that most Americans, not just most Republicans, are totally oblivious to the fact that our country is currently engulfed in a civil war of ideologies. One side, the socialists, understand this and are ready and willing to fight to the death for their cause. They will stop at nothing and stoop to anything to take over America. The other side, however, the capitalists, don't seem to understand that we're in a fight to the death and in a war for the soul of our country. Unless this side wakes up, takes off the kid gloves, and starts fighting bareknuckled, it will soon find itself under the other's iron fist!