September 29, 2018 @ 9:30 AM

The treatment of Brett Kavanaugh by Democrats, with their Republican accomplices, clearly illustrates why I pronounced a pox on both their political houses years ago. As I’ve repeatedly said since that time: “Democrats are godless. Republicans are gutless. And I have no use for either of them.”

Let’s start with the Democrats. Never in my lifetime have I seen a greater miscarriage of justice or a more masterful character assassination than that orchestrated by Democrats against Kavanaugh. An anonymous letter of a thirty-six year old accusation against Kavanaugh when he was a teen was leaked to the press by Democrats at the eleventh hour in a last ditch effort to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Despite their denials, the letter was undoubtedly leaked by Democrats to the press, since no one else, apart from the accuser and her lawyers, who were recommended to her by the Democrats, knew about the letter. The flimsy accusation is without one scintilla of corroborating evidence, it’s been denied by all of the accuser’s sited witnesses, the accuser herself has contradicted her own story, and she cannot remember when or where her alleged sexual assault took place. Not only would such a baseless charge never be investigated by any law enforcement agency, but it would also be thrown out of court, being neither triable nor convictable. Still, it’s all it took for Democrats to unleash the most scandalous smear campaign in the history of American politics. Their father, the devil—“the Greek word for “devil” in the New Testament means “slanderer”—must be really proud of his scurrilous brood (John 8:44).

As though the above is not despicable enough, Democrats dug down deeper into the fathomless depths of their despicableness. They scraped up from the bottom of their barrel of dirty tricks more scandalous sludge to use in their smear campaign against Kavanaugh. They searched out and recruited, as well as coached for six days, another scurrilous Kavanaugh accuser. They eventually were able to convince her to publicly accuse Kavanaugh of indecent exposure, despite the fact that she had admitted to friends that she was too drunk to remember the identity of her alleged exhibitionist. Then, as the pièce de résistance of their smorgasbord of foul fare they tried to force-feed us a more sickening morsel of malicious slander, a woman who claimes Kavanaugh participated in gang rapes that she voluntarily attended, being gang raped herself at the tenth one to which she was invited.

All of the above forces us to ask ourselves a very important question, a question, I might add, that you won’t like the answer to. How can Democrats have such nerve as to blatantly and publicly perpetrate such obvious crimes against a good man, Brett Kavanaugh, and his innocent family, without any fear of repercussions or accountability? The answer is found in their enablers—Republicans!

Out of fear of a backlash from the Me Too Movement, comprised mostly of radical feminazis, and to avoid any bad copy in today’s media, both of which could perceivably hurt them at the ballot box, Republicans have bent over backwards for Democrats to continue their relentless and ruthless backstabbing of Brett Kavanaugh. For instance, Republicans have once again put off the vote on the Senate’s confirmation of Kavanaugh’s nomination in order to accommodate the Democrats’s demand for an FBI investigation. Of course, this is just another delay tactic by the Democrats, who wouldn’t vote for Kavanaugh if J. Edgar Hoover rose from the dead to pronounce him completely innocent of all charges. All this further delay will actually do is give Democrats more time to dig up god-knows-what in their scorched earth policy against Kavanaugh, who once again has been hung out to dry by self-serving Republicans, who, in case you have figured it out yet, are far more concerned about their political careers than things like due process, truth, and justice. These so-called public servants have become self-serving, refusing to do what his best for our country if it might in any way jeopardize their political careers or party’s chances at the polls.

In case you’re still not persuaded of our perilous predicament in the hands of contemptible Democrats and their cowardice Republican enablers, permit me to point to one more proof of it. It is argued, in the defense of Republican cowardice, that they were forced to cave to the Democrats’ demand for a FBI investigation in order to give political cover for moderate members of their coalition. In other words, they had to expose Kavanaugh to another barrage of hostile fire and abandon him once again to another Democratic blitzkrieg in order to protect themselves and their party’s chances in the upcoming midterm elections. Granted, they may be able to scrap up enough votes to finally squeak Kavanaugh through to the Supreme Court, but their only chance to do so is predicated on them first providing moderate Republicans with a inconclusive FBI investigation to duck behind before voting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Otherwise, moderate Republicans will not do the right thing and vote for Kavanaugh, for fear it will hurt their chances for reelection. Here’s proof positive, for any openminded and objective observer, of the first and foremost concern of the Republican Party. It’s not truth, justice, our country, or their constituents, but themselves, their careers, and their political party. Everything else is expendable to them, as long as it helps their chances to get elected.

With Democrats unconstrained in their intentional destruction of law and order and Republicans continuously cowering before them, paralyzed by their fear of poor press and public opinion polls, our county is, as was predicted by Robert Bork, the first Supreme Court nominee to be scandalously sabotaged by Democrats, on a slippery slope slouching towards Gomorrah. How anyone can continue to be gullible enough to put any confidence in our corrupt political system, monopolized by two political parties playing major and equivalent roles in our country’s ruin, is beyond me! I, for one, join with John the Revelator in saying, “Even so, come Lord Jesus.” As the Kavanaugh fiasco incontrovertibly proves, Christ is our country’s only hope.Turn to Him today!