October 24, 2018 @ 12:30 PM

I recently read a book that enumerates the striking parallels between the goings-on in today’s America and what happened in Germany during the days of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. Despite the book’s irrefutable comparisons, the author goes out of his way to stress the importance of not taking his perturbing parallels too far, insisting that America could never sink to the depths of Nazi depravity. For instance, the author argues that we would never take the lives of millions of “undesirables” as the Nazis did during the Holocaust.
It’s estimated that 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. This unconscionable evil was not only excused by Germany’s courts on the grounds that Jews were less than human, but also justified by Germany’s Fuhrer as the removal of a parasite from the body of humanity. Although such atrocities are inconceivable to most modern-day Americans, equally inconceivable to them is this incontrovertible fact: The number of “undesirables” exterminated in Nazi Germany pales in comparison to the number of “undesirables” that have been exterminated in America.
Since our Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v Wade Decision in 1973, almost 60 million undesired children have been aborted in these United States. This atrocity is not only excused by our courts on the grounds that the unborn are less than human, but also justified by abortion on demand advocates, like Melissa Harris-Perry, as the removal of a cancerous tumor from a woman’s body. 
The actual number of deaths to be laid at the Nazis’ feet, when you add to their extermination of “undesirables” the total number of World War II casualties, is 60 million, which was 3% of the world’s population. Interestingly, the number of abortions in America since 1973 is also 60 million, which represents more than 18% of our country's population.
Permit me to attempt to put into perspective the magnitude of our country’s horrific crime against humanity. If we were to execute one American for every baby we’ve aborted since 1973 we would wipeout the total populations of the following states: Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Idaho, West Virginia, Nebraska, New Mexico, Kansas, Nevada, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah, Iowa, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Oregon, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Truly, if God doesn’t judge us for our unconscionable slaughter of the innocents He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.
As the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh proves, America’s present-day progressives will pull out all the stops to perpetuate our ongoing and bloodthirsty butchery of unborn children. They will stop at nothing and stoop to anything to continue this unconscionable carnage, proving themselves every bit as void of conscience in their slaughter of “undesirables” as were the bloodthirsty butchers of Nazi death camps like Auschwitz and Treblinka. Although America’s prochoice progressives attempt to wash their blood stained hands with feigned sanitizers, like “a woman’s right to choose,” they can no more wash their hands of the blood of massacred unborn children than Shakespeare’s Lady MacBeth could wash her hands of the blood of the murdered King Duncan.   
Whereas the culpability of Democrats in our country’s unconscionable carnage  of the unborn is blatantly obvious, that of Republicans is less evident, but nonetheless equally culpable, as was recently proven by Republican Senator Susan Collins’ much ballyhooed speech on the Senate Floor in favor of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Collins, a moderate senator from Maine, who has vowed to never vote for the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice who refuses to publicly state beforehand his or her commitment to Roe v Wade as settled law, is just as much a diehard supporter of abortion on demand as any hardcore abortion advocate on the opposite side of the political aisle.
While her fellow Republicans praised her speech to the high heavens, some even going so far as to call it the greatest speech they had ever heard on the Senate floor, I found Senator Collins’ speech to be proof positive of what I’ve preached for years; namely, the false promises and feigned principles of the GOP. For instance, Collins explained in her speech that despite President Trump’s campaign promise to only nominate judges “who would overturn Roe,” Brett Kavanaugh had both assured her in private, as well as publicly stated during his confirmation hearing, that Roe v Wade is now a “long-established [legal] precedent.” Furthermore, Senator Collins said in her speech that when she asked Judge Kavanaugh in private if it would “be sufficient to overturn a long-established precedent,” like Roe v Wade, “if five current justices believed that it was wrongly decided,” Judge Kavanaugh “emphatically” answered, “No!”
As telling as the above is, what was most revealing in Senator Collins’ speech was her assurance to all prochoice Americans that no Republican presidential candidate should ever be taken seriously when they, like Donald Trump, pledge to nominate judges who will end the slaughter of unborn children in these United States. According to Collins, this pledge has been vainly and disingenuously included in the Republican platform for all presidential campaigns since 1980. However, it has never been kept. In fact, Collins boastfully bragged in her speech that since 1980 “Republican presidents have appointed Justices O’Connor, Souter and Kennedy to the Supreme Court,” the very “justices who authored the Casey decision which [actually] reaffirmed [rather than overturned] “Roe.” 
Senator Collins certainly let the cat out of the bag, proving in her speech that Republicans are no more committed than Democrats to stopping the atrocity of abortion on demand in these United States. The only difference between the two political parties is that Democrats unashamedly admit their support of the continuing carnage of unborn children, while Republicans, who have no intention of doing anything about it, persistently pretend to oppose it. If you carefully read between the lines of Collins’ exposé on the GOP’s blatant duplicity you’ll discover Republicans’ scorn for pro-life Americans, especially for evangelicals, who they view as foolish patsies perpetually fooled by feigned pledges repeatedly proven false. 
If, as the Bible teaches in Jeremiah 1:4-5, God chooses us before birth and consecrates us before conception, how great a crime is abortion? It is not just a crime against the unborn, but also against God, against both the sanctity of human life and God’s plan and purpose for each human life. According to the Prophet Jeremiah, the sacrificing of children is so unspeakable a crime that God Himself finds it unthinkable (Jeremiah 7:31). Furthermore, God promises to pour out His wrath on all who perpetrate it, turning their country into a cemetery for the corpses of its populace for having perpetrated so unconscionable a crime against children (Jeremiah 7:32-34). In the day God judges so cruel and corrupt a nation, its self-serving politicians, who refuse to stand up for what is right, will be scared spitless and its self-serving preachers, who refuse to speak up for what is right, will be scared speechless (Jeremiah 4:9). 
The ancient Prophet Jeremiah warned Judah, his own sin-laden homeland, that it was the height of folly to expect a peaceful and prosperous future amidst the gathering and searing winds of God’s judgment (Jeremiah 4:10-30). While the starry-eyed Judaeans of Jeremiah’s day denied the imminent and impending judgment of God, and while the popular windbag prophets of the day declined to declare it, Jeremiah warned both that they would ultimately prove to be the foolish fodder consumed by God’s coming and certain judgment (Jeremiah 10:5-21).
Like Jeremiah, who was fittingly called the “Weeping Prophet,” my calling is equally heartbreaking. I too have been called by God to announce to my countrymen the imminent and inevitable judgement of God upon our nation. To believe that our nation, with the blood of 60 million unborn children on our hands, will escape God’s wrath and judgment flies in the face of Holy Writ. Furthermore, to imagine that America, in spite of our extermination of 60 million unborn children and expulsion of Christ from our culture, is about to be made great again by Donald Trump, like Trump toadies tout, or made into a socialist utopia, like pipe dreaming progressive Democrats predict, is a preposterous absurdity. Although it is categorically denied by today's starry-eyed Americans and America’s popular windbag preachers, our country is facing the certain prospect of God’s coming and catastrophic judgment. 
According to an eyewitness account, the congregation of a small German church, which was located beside a railroad track during the Holocaust, would sing louder on Sunday mornings to drown out the whistle of passing locomotives transporting Jews in cattle cars to Nazi death camps. In spite of the congregation’s clamorous hymn singing, they could still hear the cries of Jews from the cattle cars as the train’s wheels rumbled over the tracks. Years afterward, the eyewitness confessed that he still heard the train whistle in his sleep, adding, “God forgive me.”
As the blood of murdered Abel cried out to God from the ground, the blood of millions of unborn children has being crying out to God from our land for decades. However, America’s evangelicals have vainly attempted to drown it out with the sounds of praise bands and ballot punching. Still, the haunting cries of the aborted have proven irrepressible. They can neither be silenced nor suppressed. In fact, the whistle is now too loud, the screeching screams too ear-splitting, and the rumbling wheels too uproarious. GOD FORGIVE US!