May 21, 2018 @ 8:00 AM

The problem with school shootings, like the problem with every other evil in our world today, is sin, plain and simple. Furthermore, our only solution to our sin problem is our one and only Savior, Jesus Christ. There is no such thing as a manmade law that can remedy humanity's lawlessness when it comes to the Laws of God. 

School shootings are not caused by guns in people's hands, but by sin in people's hearts. The culprit is not guns in our society, but "Eichmann in us all," as Yehiel Dinur, a survivor of Auschwitz once frightfully pointed out.

Adolph Eichmann, known as the butcher of Auschwitz, was captured by Israeli agents and brought to Israel for trial in 1961. During the trial, survivors of the infamous Nazi death camp were brought in as witnesses against Eichmann. 

One of the witnesses brought in against Eichmann was Yehiel Dinur. When Dinur entered the courtroom and saw Eichmann, he collapsed to the floor in uncontrollable weeping. Afterward, when asked to explain the reason for his collapse, Dinur explained that Eichmann did not look like an evil monster, but like an ordinary person. He looked like everyone else. As a result, Dinur said he suddenly realized in that dreadful moment "that evil is endemic to the human condition and that any one of us could commit the same atrocities.” Dinur then added this frightful conclusion: “Eichmann is in all of us!”

It is only when Jesus is in us that we can be saved and delivered from the "Eichmann" in us. Unfortunately, we've expelled Jesus from our public schools. Why, then, should we be surprised to find Eichmann in them?