April 13, 2018 @ 7:30 AM

In 1974, Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese soldier, was discovered on a remote island in the Pacific, still manning his World War II military station. Unaware that the war had ended 29 years earlier, Onoda continued his fight for a long lost cause.
Conservatives, especially conservatism's Christian base, are like Hiroo Onoda, in that they are continuing to futilely fight politically for a lost cause. The culture war has ended, and we have lost. The vast majority of our country has been successfully squeezed into the mold of political correctness by today's social Marxists. Whereas many Americans are actually championing it, others are simply cowering before it or just complacent about it. Regardless of whether it is by conviction, coercion, or concession, political correctness has won the day and the vast majority of present-day Americans are goose-stepping to its drumbeat.
Social Marxism has so permeated our country and its institutions, even the church, that we are currently in a societal collapse of unprecedented proportions. Our government is totally corrupt, our schools are indoctrination centers, and our mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda mill. In addition, our land grows increasingly lawless, our culture increasingly licentious, and our churches increasingly apostate.
All in all we are witnessing in our present-day the fulfillment of the Biblically predicted last days' scenario. We are seeing before our very eyes the coming to pass of the preordained plans and purposes of God. Rather than proclaiming it as an incontrovertible confirmation of our faith, in hopes of persuading our fellowman to come to Christ, whose soon coming again is clearly attested to by the signs of our times, most contemporary Christians are opting instead to kick against the pricks, in hopes of politically preventing what is Biblically predicted and divinely predetermined.